The Children’s Book of Virtues

By William J. Bennett and Illustrated by Michael Hague

Published in 1995 by Simon & Schuster

111 pages – Ages 4-9

The book is a bunch of stories and poems put together to help teach lessons. The stories teach you about things like courage, responsibility, honesty, faith, loyalty and friendship.

In my family we read the book and talk about the lessons the stories teach. Like when my sister was always telling everyone she was sick and then when she really was sick her teacher didn’t believe her, so my parents read her “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” from the book. Or when I didn’t want to help my mom out and my mom read me the “Little Red Hen”. Some of the stories I like to read over and over.

I like the stories the author has chosen for the book and the pictures are really cool.

I give the book four out of five book worms.


Mom’s Opinion: This is a wonderful book to start conversations with or make a point to your children. The rich illustrations are fantastic. Great bedtime reading. I LOVE this book and think Erik should rate it higher….but it is his blog.

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  1. Hi Erik!

    Thanks for this review. My 3 year old daughter is getting to the age where she’s learning about right and wrong. We read “The Little Red Hen” quite often, but now she’s starting to be able to understand the lesson that the story tells, so maybe she’s ready for this book!

    See you at the do-jang!

    Mrs. Manion

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