Ginger Pye

Ginger Pye

By Eleanor Estes

Originally published in 1951 – published in 2000 by Harcourt Inc.

306 pages -ages 9+

Ginger Pye is a mystery book, but it is not real scary. It is about a dog named Ginger Pye and his family: Mr. Pye, Mrs. Pye, Rachel Pye, Jerry Pye, and Uncle Benny (the Pye children’s 3-year-old uncle). Ginger Pye is a very smart and loyal dog who knows a ton of tricks, he even brought a pencil to Jerry Pye when Jerry needed it at school. The trouble started when Ginger Pye was stolen. Most of the book is about the Pye family trying to find him. I won’t say who stole the dog because it will give away part of the book. I liked the Pye family characters and especially the cat (Gracie) who could open doors. Eleanor Estes won a Newbery Award for this book.

The story wasn’t too interesting when it started. Before I got deep into the book, I stopped reading it but my mom encouraged me to keep reading and then it got better. It turned about to be a pretty good story. The reading level was not too hard for me but the story had way too many details that it really didn’t need.

I give this book 3 book worms out of five.

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