Percy Jackson and The Olympians – The Series


By Rick Riordan

Ages 9+

Percy knew he was different than the other kids in his boarding school, he got expelled from a bunch of other schools and was hoping that this time would be different. One day he discovers his math teacher is a fury (a kind of monster), his best friend, Grover, is a satyr and Mr. Brunner (his Latin teacher) is a centaur named Chiron. Percy Jackson finds out he is a demigod also called a “half-blood” (his parents were a mortal and a god). Percy finds out that all the Greek mythology that he was learning about from Mr. Brunner was REAL and that satyrs, centaurs, half bloods, and even monsters live among us in the mortal world. It’s now up to Percy Jackson to stop Kronos ,the king of the titans, and all the monsters he controls, from destroying Olympus (the home of the gods), all the demigods and the mortal world.

Each of the 5 books in the series has an exciting new adventure. I think it’s better to start reading the series from book one (The lightning Thief), but you could also read any of the books by itself (I’ll also tell you a little about each book below). At first I was a little scared when Percy’s math teacher turned into the fury and attacked him, but I kept reading and found that many times when frightening things happen in the books Rick Riordan makes it not so scary by adding funny things that happen. I learned a lot about Greek mythology from the books and I wanted to learn even more so I checked out all sorts of books on Greek mythology from our school library. This series is one of my favorites and I would recommend the books!!


By Rick Riordan

Published in 2006 (paperback) by Hyperion

375 pages – ages 9+

All in the same day 12-Year-old Percy Jackson discovers he is a demigod or “half-blood” which means he’s the son of a god and a mortal human, his best friend is a satyr, his Latin teacher is a centaur, his pre-algebra teacher is a monster and his mother is captured by a minotaur! Percy goes to camp Half-Blood, a camp for demigods to get training, where he finds out who his (god) father is and that Kronos, the king of the titans is awakening and is going to destroy the world. On top of that, all the gods won’t unite to fight Kronos because someone stole Zeus’ lightning bolt (that’s why the story is called the Lightning Thief) and they’re blaming it on Percy! So Percy, Grover (the satyr) and his new friend Annabeth (daughter of Athena) set out to bring the lightning bolt back to Zeus and save Percy’s mother.

This was a great book and I couldn’t wait to read the next book in the series after reading this one. I read the book in 2 days because I couldn’t put it down! Some parents may not like the book because there is some fighting in the book and a few scary parts, but I think it really was not too bad in that way.  My favorite character in the book was the camp counselor, Mr. D also known as Dionysus also known as “the wine dude”.

I give this book five out of five book worms!


By Rick Riordan

Published in 2008 (paperback) by Hyperion

279 pages – ages 9+

Something bad  is happening at Camp Half-Blood. The magic that protects the camp isn’t working. Kronos’(the evil Titan king) minions poisoned the camp’s borders to weaken it so they can attack the camp and destroy it. The only thing that can heal the magic is the Golden Fleece that is on an island in the Sea of Monsters (the Bermuda Triangle) and is protected by Polyphemus (a giant Cyclops). Percy and his friends must travel to get the fleece and save camp Half-Blood.

This book was a good continuation of the first book. I really liked when Percy was playing dodge ball at his mortal school and it turned out he was playing against cannibal giants! My favorite characters in this book were the party ponies (centaurs that always were joking around).

I give this book five out of five book worms.


By Rick Riordan

Published in 2008 (paperback) by Hyperion

312 pages – ages 9+

Percy, Annabeth, Grover and their new friend Thalia race to bring two new Half-Bloods to camp before they are captured by monsters and brought to Kronos, the evil Titan king. But Kronos set a trap for the campers and they fall right into it! Annabeth gets kidnapped by Kronos and it’s up to the others to kick some monster butt to get her back.

This book had a lot of funny moments along with all of the action. Porkpie the  Pegasus and his friend Blackjack were two of my favorite characters in this book.

I give this book five out of five book worms!


By Rick Riordan

Published in 2009 (paperback) by Hyperion

361 pages – ages 9+

Kronos, the evil Titan lord is getting stronger and his army found a way to penetrate the border of Camp Half-Blood. There is a secret entrance to the Labyrinth (the giant maze built by Daedalus for King Minos to hold the Minotaur) in Camp Half-Blood and that is how Kronos is going to attack. Percy and his friends have to go into the Labyrinth without getting lost and find Daedalus’ work shop to solve the puzzle of the Labyrinth and close the entrance in Camp Half-Blood.

This was my favorite book in the series. My favorite part in the book was the huge battle near the end when all the campers have to push back Kronos’ army. The most funny part of all the books happen in this book when Rachel Elizabeth Dare ( a mortal friend of the campers) stops Kronos in his path by chucking a plastic purple hairbrush at his eye…..imagine the King of the Titans being beaten by a plastic hairbrush thrown by a mortal girl!

I give this book six out of five (kidding!) five out of five book worms!


By Rick Riordan

Published in 2010 (paperback) by Hyperion

416 pages – ages 9+

While all the gods of Olympus are out battling Typhon, a HUGE monster sent by Kronos to destroy Olympus and the gods……no one is at Olympus protecting it. While the gods are away Kronos is planning a sneak attack on Olympus. It is up to Percy and ALL the Campers to hold off the army until the gods get back.

This book has the best action in it with a HUGE battle right in the middle of New York City!! It was a great ending to the series (although I was sad for it to end).

I give this book five out of five book worms.

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  1. I borrowed these books from Erik. I’ve always loved Greek mythology and these books were great. They were very entertainting, even for an adult.

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