Before my birthday last year I did not know what an e-reader was. My parents got me a Kindle for my birthday and explained what an e-reader or e-book was. It is an electronic book that is about the size of a thin paperback book. (about 8 inches by 5 inches and very thin). I can put about 3500 books on my Kindle (right now I have 11). The screen looks a lot like a paper page and you can change how large the words appear on the screen. It’s easy to download books to it. Its more portable than regular books. Sometimes I read a couple of books at once so I only have to carry my Kindle around rather than all the books. One nice feature about the Kindle is that it comes with a dictionary so that when you’re in a story and you don’t know what a word means you put the cursor in front of the word and the dictionary pops up and tells you the meaning. Another good thing is that the battery lasts a real long time. The screen saver pictures are really detailed and cool. It’s easy to move around in the book too (you can add book marks and notes in places in the book).

One thing I don’t like about it is that it is slower at flipping to the next page than if I was doing it (not super slow –just different). The kindle will actually read a book to you but I don’t like this feature because I get distracted and don’t listen to the story and then I miss some of the details. I still like to hold a book in my hands but the Kindle is really awesome!

I would rate the Kindle 5 out of 5 book worms!

Mom’s opinion: A great piece of technology for a kid that isn’t a video game or a phone. It seems to be very durable. The screen has amazing clarity and quality. Be aware that the Kindle has wireless capabilities and can connect directly to Amazon’s store (I’m sure other e-readers do the same thing). The Kindle has a feature where you can turn the wireless connection off. I think the Kindle was a good buy for our child.

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  1. Were did your Mom and Dad get it?

    • They got it from (make sure you ask your parents before you go on it) for my birthday. That’s where I download e-books(electronic books) too:o) I like to go to the library and book stores to get regular books, also.

  2. Very impressive review Erik 🙂 I think ur older cousin wants to check this Kindle out. Thanks, I look forward to read more of your reviews. Love, Ridgey

  3. Okay, I know this post is a year old BUT I found it interesting.

    I, too, own a Kindle and it is extremely durable. I have accidentally dropped it off the bed more than a dozen times without one problem being caused. The cats have sat on it and stuff has gotten on the screen–no screen protector.

    The only problem I have ever had is the cover. The light doesn’t always work without holding the connections tight. (That could be damage from dropping it, maybe it warped the cover or the pins that connect to give the light power.)

    I came this far back because I am astonished at the number of comment s you get now (2012) and wondered how you started off. Looks like most found you as you went along. I am not doing as great and envy your comment numbers.

    • Thank you Ms. Morris! I have dropped my Kindle a lot too! (coincedence!) After the first hundred, each time I dropped it, a little of the back would pop out, but my Dad could fix it. You. Have. A. LIGHT?!? Mine doesn’t. I have to use a reading light in the car, flashlight at night at home, and plain during the day!
      I started to get more comments once I joined some groups (PiBoIdMo, PPBF, 12×12) and I also started commenting on other people’s blogs (like yours 😉 ).

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