Thirteen Ways to Sink a Sub

By Jamie Gilson

Published in 1982 by Scholastic Inc.

Ages 9-12

Hobie Hanson, Nick Rossi, Lisa Soloman, and Molly Bosco were just giving their report on China when their teacher, Mr. Star, ran out of the classroom! The next day he called in sick. The next morning, knowing Mr. Star was absent, Hobie and Nick challenged the girls to see  who could “sink the sub” (meaning the substitute teacher) first. The girls accepted the challenge and the whole entire morning was made up of tricks on the substitute teacher. At first Svetlana Ivanovitch ,“the sub’s” name surprised them, but she then she started to figure out what the class was doing. Miss Ivanovitch then tries to spoil their plans by making them do the right thing.

This book was a gift from my third grade teacher. When my teacher gave this to me she said “I hope you don’t try to do any of these tricks when I’m gone”.  It was a really good book.

I give it five out of five book worms!!!

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