By Dan Greenburg Illustrated by Warren Miller

Published in 1991 by Scholastic Inc.

89 pages ages 9-12

Did you ever wonder what Santa Claus was like when he was a kid? From the time when he was born Santa had a wacky life(funny too)! You may not know this but (according to this book) Santa was born in Sioux City Iowa where his father, Milton Claus, sold ice boxes (Santa’s mother’s name is Sophie). Milton’s boss transferred his job to the North Pole, so the Claus family had to move to the North Pole and that’s where Santa grew up.

This book is pretty short and it was very easy to read (I have read it at least three times). I liked the book a lot because it is really funny and I liked the story. In fact it says on the back cover of the book “WARNING: This book will make you laugh so hard your stomach will jiggle like a bowl full of jelly…” and it does!!!

I give this book five out of five book worms.

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  1. Were did you get the book?

  2. Erik! I LOVE your blog! What a great idea! I am so happy you are writing! Yay!!! I will check back often. Please keep up the good work! We need to talk about something you might be able to help me with…!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

    • That’s really good news!! Please check back soon and please tell a lot of people about my blog ;o}]>!!!
      (P.S. you can leave a comment to tell me what you are reading on the WHAT I AM READING NOW post, too.) Erik

  3. Cool book I would sugest wolf brother. You will never know what will hapin next.

  4. hehe that is funny

  5. What is Wolf Brother like jake?

  6. wolf brother is a realy cool book (ps)i think erik is going to review wolf bro

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