By Margaret Wise Brown

Originally published in 1942, published in 2005 by Harper Collins

28 pages Ages 1-6

It is about a bunny who wants to run away from his home and mother, but whatever he wants to do his mother will always be there for him. This is an awesome book for kids to learn that there parent(s) will always be there to help them when they need it.

This is a good book for young kids. Even at age 9 I still like this excellent story! When I was little I liked when it was read to me as a bedtime story. I would recommend it to parents and children:o)!!!

I give it four out of four book worms.

Categories: Age 1-5, Good Books

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  1. I like the Runaway Bunny! My brother really likes it too! It really tells a nice story.

  2. I have lots of books I like. But I really like Island of the Blue Dolphins.

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