The Trumpet of the Swan

The Trumpet of the Swan

By E.B. White

Published in 1970 by Scholastic Inc.

210 pages – ages 7+

The Trumpet of the Swan is about a swan who grows up within the story and a boy, whose name was Sam, was the first human to see the swan, whose name was Louis, at the beginning of his life. The swan was mute, or in other words he couldn’t make a sound. To have Louis make a sound, his father went through a lot of trouble to get him a trumpet. Later, when Louis was probably, in human years at least, eighteen, he went to Sam to learn to read and write at Sam’s school. After that, he wanted to actually play the trumpet, which he had never been able to do because of his webbed feet. Soon enough, he was getting  jobs for playing the trumpet, which included waking up a group of boy scouts. This swan had a very interesting life from the start of his life being mute and the ending happy. All goes well except that Louis was still mute.

I think kids and adults will like this book. I also recommend  ‘Charlotte’s Web’ or ‘Stuart Little’ also by E.B. White. This is an excellent book for anyone to read. I like the story because it shows it’s OK to be different.

I rate this story five out of five book worms!

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  1. I rescued an old hardback copy of this at Goodwill a few weeks ago. I need to get around to reading it soon.

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