Tips for Good Reading Habits from an Expert

Today I have a special interview with the Reading Specialist from my school. Here I have asked her some questions about reading and what kids and parents can do to help kids be good readers. My Reading Specialist helped me to become a better reader and she has some great tips for everyone!!

Erik: What does a Reading Specialist do and how do you help kids in school? 

My Reading Specialist: A reading specialist works with the principal, teachers, and parents of the school to find books and activities to help children learn to be good readers. A reading specialist also works with all the children to make sure each one is growing into a good reader. If a student is having some problems learning to read, it is the reading specialist’s job to work with the child to help his or her reading skills improve.

Erik: What are some good reading habits kids can get into?

My Reading Specialist: The most important reading habit is to READ! The more a person reads, the better the person becomes at reading. It is like sports or anything else. The more you play baseball or practice, the better you get at it. Once you have found a good book and sit down to read, it is important to really think about what you are reading. You might agree or disagree with the author, have something in common with the characters, visit a place you’ve never seen, or learn something you never knew before!

Erik: What can parents do to help kids read more or get good reading habits?

My Reading Specialist: Parents can set a few minutes aside each evening to sit in a comfortable, quiet spot and share a good book with their child. Reading together and talking about books is both relaxing and fun. Parents and older children can be reading different books, newspapers, or magazines and discuss with each other what they are reading.

Erik: What are suggestions to help a kid who doesn’t like to read, or has trouble reading?

My Reading Specialist: It is important to think about what interests you. What makes you curious? Then find a book or magazine about that topic that is not too hard for you to read. “The five-finger rule” is an easy way to decide if a book is too hard. If you can’t read five words on the page, it is probably too hard and will not be fun to read. If you are having trouble reading, DON’T GIVE UP! It is important to keep trying because you WILL learn to read. Everyone learns to read at different times, just remember, if you keep trying, you will get better.

Erik: I got into reading by reading comic books. Do books have to be “educational” to be good to read?

My Reading Specialist: Absolutely not! There are so many opportunities to read out there and reasons to read. Sometimes we read for fun and other times to learn something. Children learn to read when they find something that interests them whether it is a Spiderman comic, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The Cat in the Hat, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, directions to a game you can’t wait to play, a recipe, the newspaper, a blog…you get the idea. JUST READ

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  1. This is a very interesting interview. I like talking about books I read with my children. Sometimes we read to each other and have kind of a book club. Do you belong to a book club?

    • What you do is great, Reading is fun! My mom does a simular thing to me and my sister. We do have a book club. The “members” are me, my dad, my mom, our friend and even my sister who is learning to read likes to join in. First, we read a book, and then we watch the movie and talk about the differences.

  2. Erik,
    I really enjoyed reading about your interview. What a great way to help encourage other kids to read- especially those who are just learning to read! I also love the idea of having a book club with your family. That must be really fun! Do you usually find that you like the books better than the movies? Keep up the great work! I am looking forward to future posts!

    • Thanks Erin. That is kind of true. I usually like the book more than the movie. I have to thank My Reading Specialist again for giving me those great reading tips. I hope that kids like to read this blog too! So if you know any please let them know about my blog }:o})>>>>>>>

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