By Andrew Clements

105 pages ages 9+

published in 1998 by Aladdins Paperbacks

Nick Allen had no idea what would happen when he started calling pens “frindles”. He got the idea for it by learning how words were made in language arts. He then got all his friends to say frindle instead of pen. At first people were confused except one person, Mrs. Granger the language arts teacher at his school who was furious! Mrs. Granger even had kids from the school write “I will not use the word frindle,” or something simular to that 100 times,when she heard them say frindle once! Nick and his friends then got every kid in the school to say frindle not pen. Then the whole town, except Mrs. Granger. Soon almost everyone was saying frindle! It was becoming a very popular word.  Nick and Mrs. Granger were having a “war”  where the best word wins. I will not tell you who won because that would give away the end of the of the story.

Frindle is an awesome book with no violence, robberies, or anything like that. It does have a regular life for this could be a real life book. It is not okay for kids who think ‘pen’ is a cool word. Kidding!!! But I  think it is a great book for anyone!

I give this story 4 out of 5 book  worms.

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