By Cornelia Funke

534 pages -Ages 9+

Published in 2003 by Chicken House/ Scholatic

Meggie was a regular girl. Or at least she thought she was. The night Meggie’s dad read out loud to her, she knew her life changed a lot. Three people came out of the book her dad was reading to her. The next morning, she found out she was going somewhere. Meggie’s dad told her they were going to her Aunt Elinor’s house which Meggie had never visited before. She also found out that they were running from two of the people who came out of the book. The third one, named Dustfinger, was good and helped them. The two bad guy’s henchmen came and attacked Elinor’s house. They kidnapped Meggie’s dad and ran away with him. Now Meggie, Elinor and Dustfinger must figure out a way to save Meggie’s dad!

Inkheart is the first book in a series of three. I liked this book a lot! I would recommend it for adults and kids. In fact for any one!

I give it 5 out of 5 book worms!

Categories: Age 9+

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  1. One of my favourite books ever! 🙂

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