Places to read a book Winter-Fall

I thought that maybe I could blog about places to read books through out the year.


  • By a wood stove(my favorite)
  • In Florida or a tropical place


  • In a swinging hammock on a cool day(very nice)
  • Under a tree on a sunny day
  • In a house when it’s raining


  • In the shade
  • On a hammock that’s swinging
  • At the beach(although I would prefer playing, but some people do)
  • Inside when it’s raining


  • Inside when cold, raining, or snowing
  • By a wood stove


PS I only posted most of my favorites. I want to know something about you, to know what I’m typing about read the question above. Thank you!

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  1. I love to read while I am eating so I guess at the kitchen table. Also lying in bed before I go to sleep

  2. I like to read in bed to make me tired , but if it’s a good book sometimes this backfires. The hamock is also a good spot until kids start laying on me and wrestling while saying it’s to crowded. At that point I’d rather wrestle in the yard.

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