By Ted Bell

Ages 12+    448 pages

Published by St. Martin’s Griffin; Reprint edition (2010)

Nicolas(Nick, Nicky) McIver was a 12 year old boy who lived on Greybeard Island, Great Britain. He has a little sister Kate who helps him when he needs it and a big black dog named Jip. His best friend Gunner (Mr. Archibald Steele, Mr. Gunner Steele) is a retired from the British Navy and is like a second father to Nick and Katie. One day Nick and Katie were sailing on Nick’s ship ‘The Stormy Petrel’ ,when they docked the ship on a sandy coast and they discovered a treasure box that was surprisingly heavy. When they got to Gunner’s bar/restaurant, they had and unpleasant conversation with 2 weird people called Billy(William) Blood and Snake Eyes. They seem to want the thing in the box. Nick’s dog Jip was stolen by Billy and Blood now wants the box. Nick, Gunner, and Katie take the box to Lord Hawke’s(pronounced Hawk)Castle to keep it safe. The 3 find out the thing in the box is exactly what Lord Hawke and his best friend Hobbes need to retrieve Hawke’s 2 kidnapped children. Now Nick, Gunner, and Hawke go to find Jip, defeat Billy, and find Anabel and Alexander Hawke!

I read the Kindle version of this book. This book is for children and adults, not just for adults. Nick of time is an exciting book and is not really scary. I really like that my Dad reads Teb Bell’s books for adults and it has a Hawke character in the books. Lord Hawke in the Nick of Time is an ancestor to the Hawke character in the books my Dad reads. The story is realistic fiction in that it mixes actual historical events with a fantasy story. I learned about Britian right before World War II, Winston Churchill and Lord Nelson. I like it a lot and I recommend this book.

I give this book 5 out of 5 book worms!

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