By Raina Telegeimer

224 Pages Ages 9+

Published in 2010 by GRAPHIX

Raina had to get braces on her front teeth because she tripped and fell on her 2 front teeth. 1 tooth fell out, and 1 tooth was jammed up into the gum of her mouth, which is similar to me because I lost a baby tooth when I fell and one of my other baby teeth got jammed up into my gum and when the adult tooth came in it had a brown spot on it from where it got damaged. In the book the dentist put Raina’s teeth where they were supposed to go and put a cast over them. When the cast was removed, the dentist noticed that her front teeth were higher than usual teeth.  She had a lot of embarrassment over her teeth and she lost some friends because they thought she looked like a vampire. This book is a true story about a 11-13 year old girl going through some tough times. Fortunetly for me the teeth I lost were baby teeth and they could fix my adult teeth…..and I was playing ice hockey at the time so I looked kind of cool ;o)

The book is written like a comic book, with lots of pictures. It was a good book. The story taught me that everybody goes through tough times.

I give it 4 out of 5 book worms!

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  1. You did look like a “real” hockey player!


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