A Lego a Day

OK technically this really isn’t about books, it’s about LEGOs (my second favorite thing). And -well- Dan Phelps is giving away a BOOK with his photos of LEGO figures in all sorts of places in a contest (so there is a book involved here). Mr. Phelps is having the contest to celebrate the fact that he has over ONE MILLION views on his blog!

Mr. Phelps is a fifth grade teacher from Tennessee. He has the coolest pictures ever and he posts a new LEGO picture every day. You have to check his site out! It’s  –www.legomyphoto.wordpress.com

This is one of my favorites.

Day 228

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  1. Not sure how I got to this post, but that picture made me stop — fast. It is an incredible picture. I love the composition and I love the depth of field. Everything is in sharp focus up front. (I know, “Duh!)

    Then there is the humor, which I really didn’t catch right away — looking at the technical parts of the photo. This guy knows how to take pictures. Going to jump over there — though I doubt the contest is still going on, one never knows, it’s only been three years.

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