I went to a Writing Program with Author Julie Sternberg




I have just came in with this important news!

Julie Sternberg author of “Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie” gave us some amazing tips about writing good stories!

The most important news I heard was that she is writing her second book -I’ll keep watching for it!

I was at my local book store for a writing program for kids given by Julie Sternberg .

Here are some interesting facts I learned about what happened when she was writing the book:

1. ) She really doesn’t like pickles (me too Julie!)

2) The book was first called “My Bibi” but she did not get to choose the title the publisher did.

3) It took her 8 months to write the story and a year for Matthew Cordell to illustrate it.

4) She never even met Matthew Cordell, but really likes his illustrations even though he drew some of the characters nothing like she was imagining.

5) The book started off as only an 8 page book and grew into an 80- page book (120 with pictures)

Then Julie Sternberg gave advice to us kids on how to write stories…….

  1. You write out your story first, then add the details.
  2. You can pick characters out of your mind, make people you actually know or knew into your story, or just make a combination.
  3. “Start with a great moment in life, and if you are writing a fiction book you can go crazy with it.” For example: your dad took you to the hardware store, but it didn’t have nails or bolts, it was filled with toys!
  4. You may want to write from the main character’s point of view, which could be harder if you are younger or older than the main character’s age.
  5. If you’re not so sure if your book makes sense, read it aloud.
  6. You can start with a tense beginning, then go on from there. For example: you were having a fight with your best friend on how to get along.

Speaking of a tense story…..

YOU say what will happen next in this example below…..

You were 12-years-old and told to look after your 6-year-old sister/brother(you choose) while your mom was shopping in a store that was an hour away.

Write what you think happens next in the story in the comment section —–

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  1. As soon as Mom left we made sandwiches and tea .We then ate lunch and drank tea. Afterwards we played tag and kick ball and had fun until Mom came home…..or at least that’s how I wish it went……

  2. I didn’t want to look after my brother. He was always getting into my stuff but Mom insisted. We stood at the door and waved bye. I closed the door and turned around and he was gone. I looked everywhere. Under beds, in closets, in cabinets, the clothes hamper, even in the basement. He was nowhere to be found! Oh man – Mom is going to be so mad I lost my brother!

  3. We decided to watch one of her favorite cartoons. But what was weird, was in the cartoon it started to rain and then it was raining outside our house. The weird thing is – it was bright and sunny not seconds before. Then there was an apple orchard in the cartoon and we started to smell apples. Then an apple fell out of the tree and bounced out of the television. Next thing we saw, the main character actually leaped out of the television, and what happened next…I still don’t believe…

  4. I didn’t want my brother to watch me. So I told him to play dress-up and made him dress like a princess. I pushed him out of the house, locked the door, so Mommy would think it was me, because he was dressed like a princess. I then called our neighbor’s kids (our friends) over to see what I did. When they came over they realized it was my brother and not me.


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