By Gordan Korman

230 Pages Ages 9+

Published in 2009 By Scholastic

Griffin’s friend, Savannah’s pet monkey was stolen. Now it’s up to Griffin, and his friends to get her back! They know where the pet Capuchin monkey is: the floating zoo called All Aboard Animals, which is full of stolen animals. Their problem: the strong security man named Klaus, who happened to be a light sleeper. When they finally got the pet monkey, Savannah wanted every animal free from the zoo. She then called her friend Dr. Alford to find homes for all the animals. Dr. Alford couldn’t help because she was in another country bringing gorillas to her zoo. Now the kids have to keep the animals in their houses!

This story is the sequel to “Swindle” and there is a book after this one called “Framed”. I haven’t read Swindle or Framed, but now I want to! The story was a good mystery with some silly parts. It is good for younger kids because there was no violence and it wasn’t scary.

I give the book five out of five book worms!

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  1. if your a fan of baseball you should read Babe and me by Dan Gutman

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