A Guest Interview for…… NATIONAL LIBRARY WEEK!!!!!!

Today is the start of National Library Week!!!! I have interviewed my school librarian to know a little more about libraries! Find out what those questions and answers are below! (P.S. TKRB is me and it stands for THIS KID REVIEWS BOOKS).

AND a BIG thank you to my school librarian!!!!!!!

TKRB: How is the school library important to a kid’s education?

  • MY SCHOOL LIBRARIAN: School libraries are important because they encourage and promote reading. Hopefully, students feel that their time in the library, listening to and reading books, is fun and relaxing and it will want to make them read more on their own.  As students get older, they will learn important research strategies in the school library too.

 TKRB: How do you like being a school librarian and how do you help kids in the library?

  •  MY SCHOOL LIBRARIAN: I love being a school librarian.  I help students select books that they will like to read and I also teach lessons on how to use OPAC, how to find and identify parts of books, and how to research in the library. 

 TKRB: How are new books selected for the library and where do you get them from?

  •  MY SCHOOL LIBRARIAN: Often teachers and students request new books for the library.  If I think they will be popular with other teachers and students, I purchase them with money from the library budget or from donations.  I also select books from lists, found in library journals, of recommended books for children.  Books are usually purchased from a company called Titlewave. 

 TKRB: What can kids and parents do to help their school’s library?

  •  MY SCHOOL LIBRARIAN: Parents can donate their time to help shelve our books or they can just spend time reading with their children.  Kids can help by making sure they use proper library etiquette at all times and taking proper care of the books they check out from the library.

 TKRB: How do you keep track of all the books that are in the library and checked out of the library?

  •  MY SCHOOL LIBRARIAN: We use special computer software to catalogue and track all of the library books.  The software is called Destiny.

 TKRB: What were your favorite books when you were a kid?

  • MY SCHOOL LIBRARIAN: I had many favorite books when I was a child.  I loved Where the Wild Things Are and I also loved a book called, Pocahontas and the Strangers.  As I got older, I really started to fall in love with classics like The Great Gatsby and many Shakespearean plays.

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  1. I had library for my special today in school. I got a book called “Motel of the Mysteries”. It’s so funny. It’s about a guy in the future who finds a burried motel and is trying to figure out what eveything in it is.

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