A great evening with two 39 Clues Authors!

How lucky I was to meet these guys!! Jude Watson and Peter Lerangis came to our local book store to sign their new book the 11th in the 39 Clues series “Vespers Rising” (I reviewed the book below). They each read a part of the chapter they wrote to us. It’s so cool to hear an author read from their own book!

Jude Watson read to us where Amy and Dan were trapped on a cable car 100s of feet in the air hanging from only 1 cable and a helicopter was going to chop the last cable off…… And she stopped!!! Want to know what happens??? READ THE BOOK (I won’t tell you 🙂 Ms. Watson told us that in each book that she wrote that she tried to bring out the feelings of Dan and Amy and how they dealt with their grandmother’s and parent’s deaths. She also said that she was nervous that she was the only girl author in the Series. But I think she writes great books (FYI I read some of the Star Wars books she wrote and she can really write great adventure stories!)


Peter Lerangis read about Luke Cahill and his son Master Winthrop Cahill and did a great impression of King Henry the 8th!!! You should have heard him! Mr. Lerangis told us that the whole 39 Clues series is about adventure, family and travel. It was neat that he told us that all the authors had no idea what the others were going to write about until they read it! He also told us that in book 6 “In Too Deep” Ms. Watson left Dan and Amy on a deserted island in Indonesia in their pajamas with their uncle and no money or food…. OH yeah and  a volcano exploding and he had to figure out how to get them to South Africa! Want to know how he did it? Read “The Vipers Nest” book 7!

Jude Watson and Peter Lerangis told us some excellent news: They teamed up with some other authors and are going to make a new 39 Clues 6 book series called Cahills vs Vespers with the first book coming out on August 30th.  The first book is called “The Medusa Plot” and is written by Gordon Korman! What I think is really cool is that you can read the first chapter of the book right here (click on the book)!!!

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  1. Erik,
    Sounds like you had alot of fun meeting some of your favorite authors. You are lucky they came around to your area. Were you a little nervous? I was when I met my favorite comic book creator.

  2. Wow, Erik, that’s awesome! I just picked up a couple of these books for my stepdaughter- hope she likes them as much as you do! 🙂

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