Titanic Book One – Unsinkable -By Gordon Korman is Now in Stores!

Titanic Book One – Unsinkable

By: Gordon Korman

Published by Scholastic Inc. 2011

Ages 9+  – 170 Pages

We all know that the Titanic was a huge passenger ship that was supposed to be “unsinkable”. We also know that it sunk on its first voyage almost 100 years ago! But what about life on the Titanic? Did you know there were people on the ship from the very wealthy to the very poor and everyone in between. In this series of books, Gordon Korman introduces us to Paddy, an orphan stowaway, Juliana, the daughter of the Earl of Glamford, Alfie, a boy who lied about his age to join the crew, and Sophie, a very embarrassed daughter of a woman who is thrown out of England for protesting about women’s rights. In the first book -Unsinkable – Gordon Korman tells the story about these kids end up on the Titanic and what happens when they meet each other.

This story is one of my favorite classes of stories -historical fiction. A story about an actual event but with a made up story around it. The story Gordon Korman tells us lets us know about the people on the Titanic through kids telling the story. I liked the prologue because it isn’t before the Titanic was built or something like that, it starts on the ship Carpathia, the ship that came to the rescue of the Titanic when it sank. This book is great, but I would have liked it even more if there were pictures of the Titanic (other than the front) in the book or maybe a picture of Daniel’s drawing Paddy was trying to deliver to Thomas Andrews (the designer of the Titanic). I can’t wait until the next book (Titanic – Collision Course) comes out!

I give this book 5 0ut of 5 book worms!

Book Two Titanic – Collision Course will be released on August 1, 2011

Book Three Titanic – S.O.S. will be released September 1, 2011

When you put the covers of all three books together it makes the whole ship – COOL!

Want to learn more about Gordon Korman the author? Visit his website!

Want to learn more about the Titanic? Read below!

The following is from the Titanic Universe –

The Titanic began her maiden voyage from Southampton, England, bound for New York City, New York, on Wednesday, 10 April 1912, with Captain Edward J. Smith in command. The Titanic was so large that it had to be anchored offshore and ferries carried passengers to her. Upon embarking, there was a grand total of 2,240 people aboard.  

The Titanic was the largest passenger ship of her time. Equipped with the finest luxuries of the time and deemed ‘virtually unsinkable’, the massive vessel was truly a spectacle. When the Titanic sunk after a glancing blow from an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean, 1,512 of the 2,240 passengers on board were killed, making it one of the largest peacetime maritime disasters in history.

The are neat pictures from the Titanic at this site if you want to learn more!

For cool pictures and videos of the sunken Titanic visit Expedition Titanic !

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