I Just got Back from the “Kick-Off” Throne of Fire Book Signing with Rick Riordan!

As my mom drove us up to the Barnes and Noble on Route 1 in Princeton New Jersey (the place where the signing was), I saw a boy holding a copy of The Throne of Fire up in the air and he was jumping up and down and I thought I really need to interview that kid! When we got into the store it was 3:40pm. My mom got us a line ticket earlier in the day (thanks mom!). The signing didn’t start until 6pm. I decided to ask for Ms. Debra Lampert-Rudman, the Community Relations Manager at the Barnes and Noble store, at the customer service desk. Ms. Lampert-Rudman sent me information about the event and I wanted to see if she could answer some questions from me. I was told she was at a meeting but would be out later. We figured we would go wait in line.

There were already about 15 kids there in front of me. I had over 2 hours to wait so I decided to interview some kids around me. I spotted the jumping up and down kid I saw outside the store and went over to interview him. His name was Steven (age 10) and he was VERY excited to be at the signing. His favorite Rick Riordan book is the Last Olympian. The girl sitting next to me in line name was Shama (age 10). She was super excited to be at the signing too. Her favorite Rick Riordan book is the Lightning Thief. I decided I really should talk to the first kid in line. She was reading The Throne of Fire when I walked up to her. Her name was Nicole (age 14). She was still very excited to be at the signing after waiting since 8:00AM in line to be the first (no way I was getting my mom to do that!). Her favorite Rick Riordan book is the Last Olympian.

Ms. Lampert-Rudman then came and found me. She was kind enough to have an interview with me. When I asked her how she got Mr. Riordan to come to her store, she told me it was kind of a funny story. She had to write and essay about what she would do to make the book signing a great event. She had to compete with all sorts of other store managers. Well, she WON the competition!! But after she won she found out she was pronouncing Mr. Riordan’s name wrong and had to learn the right way to say it 🙂 BTW -it’s pronounced Ryer’-dan and I was pronouncing it wrong too! Ms.  Lampert-Rudman said that she thought that tonight’s signing with Rick Riordan would be one of the top 5 signings the store ever had! Wow -that’s a lot of Kane Chronicle fans!!

When my interview with Ms.  Lampert-Rudman was over, I realized I still had an hour and a half to wait. Luckily, I had my new trusty Throne of Fire book by my side! The line was actually pretty nice. There was a HUGE line now. It went all the way as far as I could see and they started lining people up across from us too. I got to read a lot, the people were nice, the people from the Barnes and Noble Cafe gave us samples of smoothies and cookies, they handed out some Kane Chronicle activity sheets to keep us busy and I got to see the Nook color (with The Throne of Fire on it!).

They finally called the first group of us to go to a different part of the store for the signing. Mr. Riordan came in, waved to us and people clapped. I was so excited -did I mention that Rick Riordan is my favorite author?!?!? I wanted to tell Mr. Riordan how much I like his books and that I review books and wrote about his books!! I had a list of questions I wrote down in the car ride getting here, that I never really thought I would be able to ask him because I was warned that because there were so many people Mr. Riordan wouldn’t have time to pause even for a short time! When I got to him -I got the first part out…..I love your books….I write about them…..then he smiled at me and said thank you and asked if I had any questions for him……AND I FORGOT THEM!!!…..UGH!!……So my kind readers we will never know the answers to my questions: Q1 What book are you working on now? Q2 When will the next book in the Heroes of Olympus series come out? Q3 Where is your next book signing and when? Q4 Does Khufu eat kangaroos? Sorry readers…I’ll try harder next time! Mr. Riordan was VERY nice and he really seemed like he was happy everyone was there. I hope his hand didn’t get tired!

Now for some reading before bed time! Look for my review of The Throne of Fire coming soon!


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  1. I’m super jealous that you got to meet Rick Riordan! I love his books too. And if I had been meeting him, I’d probably have forgotten any questions too. 🙂

  2. I think you did very well with your interviews and you are right, you would never get me to sit with you from 8am to 6pm in the entrance of a book store -so don’t ask.

  3. I don’t think Khufu eats kangaroos -they end in an oooo sound not an Oh sound!


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