Rick Riordan Answers the question I didn’t get to ask!!

If you read my post from May 3rd I told you how nervous I got when I got to meet Rick Riordan that I COMPLETELY FORGOT the questions I wanted to ask him!! Well faithful readers -Mr. Riordan answered many of those questions in a post about the book signing event on his blog AND now we know if Khufu will eat kangaroos (read his blog to find out!) THANKS Mr. Riordan!!!!  

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  1. So, how’s the book? I’m waiting to get it from the library but the wait list is LLLLOOOOONNNNGGGGG! I prefer to wait and buy paperbacks but I might just have to break down and get this one in hardcover.

  2. this is kind of off topic but im wondering why Poseidon is the god of earthquakes yet percy has no power over the earth

  3. Dear Mr. Riordan I really need your help! I love writing but i like reading it better. it seems more real. I have book ideas for Percy Jackson! Plz help me and i can tell you my ideas!!! =O

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