By Roland Smith

Published in 2009 by Scholastic (paperback released in 2011)

336 Pages – Ages 12+

What would your life be like if you were part of a group that chased creatures that people thought were myths or that were supposed to be extinct? 

Have you ever held a million dollar gadget in your hand or traveled to the deepest depths of the ocean in a giant golden beach ball? –Marty has!

Have you ever been given a mysterious book, written in a strange language that no one can read or fed a living dinosaur? –Grace has!

Have you ever been chased around a refitted haunted freighter ship by a bonobo ape because of your bright orange hair? –Luther has!

Join world-famous cryptozoologisit  Travis Wolfe, his daughter Grace, his nephew Marty and their friend Luther on an action packed adventure as they attempt to capture a live giant squid! There’s only one problem…..Grace’s evil grandfather, Noah Blackwood. He plans to kidnap Grace, steal the special secret cargo on Wolfe’s ship, and snatch the giant squid for his own zoo.

Sea monsters, dinosaurs, double agents, spies, pirates, high-tech gadgets, sonic guns, bad guys, good guys…..really bad guys, stinky scientists, this book has it all! The description of the characters in the book were great. The plot of the story was something everyone could get  into. I saw some reviews that said it would only be good for boys, but I think the science in the book and story about Grace and her family would interest girls too (plus I know A LOT of girls who like adventure stories!) There are some violent parts to the book so it may not be OK for really young advanced readers (I’m nine and thought it was OK and my Mom OK’d it for me).  I do wish I read Cryptid Hunters (the first book) before I read this one because I felt like I was trying to catch up in the first part of the book but even with that, I feel like I got the whole story!

This is the second book of Roland Smith’s I have read (the first was “Storm Runners” see my review) and I am now officially a huge Roland Smith fan! I am anxious to read his series called- IQ (click here to find out more) and I am going to read Cryptid Hunters (the book before Tentacles) to catch up on what I missed when Grace and Marty were in the Congo!

And for those of you who don’t know what a cryptologist is……

From Wikipedia – Cryptozoology (from Greek κρυπτός, kryptos, “hidden” + zoology; literally, “study of hidden animals”) refers to the search for animals whose existence has not been proven. This includes looking for living examples of animals that are considered extinct, such as dinosaurs; animals whose existence lacks physical evidence but which appear in myths, legends, or are reported, such as Bigfoot and Chupacabra OR ……..

OK I added that last part, but you get the idea.

I give this book 5 out of 5 book worms. 2 for being funny and 3 for it’s a good book!

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  1. I read both Cryptid Hunters and Tentacles. I think it’s better if you read Cryptid Hunters first. They are both great books. Do you know if he is writing another book with Marty and Grace?

  2. What’s a chupacabra?


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