Get Cooking with these Marvelous Kid’s Cookbooks!!!

A Couple of Delicious Kid Cookbooks

Everyone should probably know that I LOVE books, right? But did you know I like to cook too? The following are a few kid friendly cookbooks that I really like.

The Redwall Cookbook

by Brian Jacques Illustrated by Christopher Denise

Published in 2006 by Philomel

104 pages – ages 9-12

Whether you’re a fan of Redwall, or not – this cookbook is for everyone! The Redwall series is written by Brian Jacques and tells the tale of the Redwall Abbey and the animals that live within and around the abbey’s walls (Mr. Jacques died earlier this year which makes me sad). If you haven’t read any of the Redwall books you should really give them a try! AND for those fans of Redwall…..YES THERE IS A COOKBOOK! The Redwall Cookbook has stories and great illustrations for each recipe. My favorite recipe is the “Stones Inna Swamp”. I like how there is different seasons for the recipes (like winter and spring depending on what feast is going on). The illustrations are really detailed and you can see your favorite Redwall characters on the pages -Sister Pansy and Friar Hugo are on the cover. Every recipe has a story to go with it and you feel like you are reading part of a Redwall book! Some of the recipes are a little hard so you need a parent’s help. Click HERE to learn more about Brian Jacques and Redwall!

Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats Recipe Book

Kids in the Kitchen Series

13 pages -ages 5+

copyrighted in 2008 by Poof-Slinky Inc

Would you like to dine on a “rice krispies pizza” with me?  If you like the rice krispie treat, then this book is for you! The book came with a kit that they don’t they don’t make it anymore but you can still find the book used. It is made for young children – as young as 4 but I also like it! there are lots of pictures of what to do so you can follow the recipe based on the pictures instead of the words. Some of the recipes you don’t even need to cook and the ones you do use the microwave so it’s really kid friendly. There are stickers in the back of the book that show what ingredient to use so small kids can put the stickers on the ingredient (like jelly or vanilla) and they see the picture in the book and know that’s what they need. The recipes are really fun to make -my favorite is the pizza.

The Star Wars Cookbook – Wookie Cookies and other Galactic Recipes

by Robin Davis -Photography by Frankie Frankeny

published in 1998 by Chronicle Books

132 pages – ages 9-12

Star Wars Cookbook -The empire serves back! I like this book because on some of the recipes there are funny little captions. I also like the funny sayings on the food labels at the back of the cookbook where you can mark the creations you made! There are great pictures of the food with Star Wars figures in the pictures that look really funny! My favorite recipes  from this book are the Hoth Chocolate and the Tusken Taters. Hummmmm I think I’ll go make a Jawa Jive Milkshake!

Enjoy this cookbook, you will!

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