Patti Pelican and the Gulf Oil Spill – A Great Children’s Book with a Great Message

Patti Pelican and the Gulf Oil Spill

By Lynda Wurster Deniger

Illustrated by Paulette Ferguson

Published in 2011 by HIS Publishing Co.

36 pages – Ages 1-8

Salty Seas is a shrimp boat that sails in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Louisiana. Salty and Captain Charlie were about to go out fishing when they heard an announcement over the radio, there was an explosion on the Deep Water Horizon, an oil drilling rig, and a huge oil spill happened. Salty and Charlie’s friend, Dottie Dolphin escaped the oil by swimming out of the area, but their other friend’s Sammy Seagull and Patti Pelican were not so lucky. As Sammy and Patti searched for food in the Gulf, they got covered in oil! Now it was up to Salty and Charlie to get the oily birds to wildlife agents for help!

This book is great because it deals with a real life disaster. It also shows kids how people can work together to solve the problems that happen. It tells the story of the Gulf oil spill in a way that isn’t too scary for small kids and it also teaches them how the wildlife was rescued and helped after the accident. There is also a part in the back of the book that tells you about the International Bird Rescue Research Center and the good work they do. There is a read along CD in the back of the book that also has a sing along song. My sister who is just learning to read really liked the CD because it made it easy for her to follow the story and she liked the song too. Besides teaching kids about an environmental disaster, it’s also a good story and the illustrations are great! You can learn more about Salty Seas and his friends by clicking HERE!

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Salty Seas and His Heroic Friends

By Lynda Wurster Deniger

Illustrated by Paulette Ferguson

Published in 2010 by HIS Publishing Co.

32 pages – Ages 1-8

When Captain Charlie falls overboard Salty was on “automatic pilot” and couldn’t turn around to help him. Salty’s friends, Sammy Seagull, Dottie Dolphin and Patti Pelican must now race to Salty and help Captain Charlie!

This was the first book about Salty Seas. It has a great story of how friends come together to help someone in need. This book also comes with a read along CD with a sing along song. It’s a great story for younger kids with awesome illustrations!

I give both of the books 5 out of 5 books worms!

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  1. This sounds like a really good book. I’ll have to try to find a copy.

  2. Thanks for posting this! I’m going to buy a copy for my little boy. He’d be thrilled to get the Speed Racer book, but he’s not quite reading on your level yet so I might wait a while on that one.

  3. Hey Erik,
    Have you checked out “Harriet’s Home at Sea?” It’s another great read for kids to learn about an oil spill. It takes place in Australia though…

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