Legwork (an E-book)

By Roland Smith

Published June 2011 by Roland Smith INC

Ages 9-12 : about 26,000 words

Briggs never thought becoming friends with his new neighbor, Theodore, would send him to Montana to save a kidnapped 4-year old from her evil aunt.  As it turns out, Theodore, who appears to be only a kid who happens to be confined to a wheelchair and has a room full of computers and electronic equipment, is also a partner in a detective agency. Theodore recruits Briggs to help him solve his latest case, finding the missing girl. Briggs finds himself on an amazing adventure. Briggs realizes sacrifices must be made -from having his head shaved to carrying around a 4-year old girl. Can Briggs complete his mission and get back home before his parents find out?

This is the first true e-book I have read. It only comes in e-book form (I read the kindle version but you can get it in all versions from Smashwords). This book is funny and exciting. I couldn’t put the book down and read it in 2 days (YAHOO for summer vacation!). The book would be good for younger advanced readers. Besides the Hardy Boys mysteries (the older ones, I’m not fond of the New Hardy Boys), I really haven’t found many detective stories I like, but this one is great! I hope Mr. Smith writes a second book with Briggs and Theodore. You can learn more about Roland Smith, Legwork and his other books at www.rolandsmith.com.

I give Legwork 5 out of 5 book worms!

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  1. cool I have a few blogs and Im making a new one about “Touching Spirit Bear” (Have you read it?)
    -James Wade

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