HEY Batta Batta Swing! : The Wild Old Days of Baseball

HEY Batta Batta Swing! : The Wild Old Days of Baseball
By Sally Cook and James Charlton
Illustrated by Ross MacDonald
Published in 2007 by Margaret K. McElderry Books
56 pages – Ages 4-9

First I have to say I REALLY like baseball (GO PHILLIES!), so any book about baseball really interests me. This book is different from other books I’ve read about baseball because it tells about baseball in its early days. It tells about the history of baseball in a way kids would find interesting. It compares how the game was played when it was first invented and how it is played today. Like did you know that the players used to wear uniforms that showed what position they played rather than what team they played for?!? It also tells about how some of the players tried to cheat a bit like cutting the strings on a baseball to throw a good curve or hollowing out a bat and filling it with cork to make the bat lighter. You can also learn a lot of baseball terms too like “can of corn”  and “heater” and about the original teams and players. The book explains how baseball used to be played in a fun and interesting way and even if you aren’t too interested in baseball, its neat to learn how a game like baseball changes over the years. The illustrations are great and funny. Even if a kid can’t read yet it is a good book to read to kids and if you can read I recommend it!

I give the book 5 out of 5 book worms!

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  2. I’m a Phillies fan too – my first hometown! Always like books about baseball; thanks for the reference.

  3. I thought their uniforms had the numbers of what order they were batting in. Which is why the Yankees (the best sports team ever!!!) have so many single digit numbers retired.

    • It didn’t say that in the book, but it said players were allowed to switch numbers.

      P.S. You must’ve breathed in too much campfire smoke because….The Phillies Are The World’s Best Team Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Baseball players that cheat!! Say it ain’t so, Joe. Say it ain’t so.

    Love the review – all your reviews are a home run. (he-he)

    This is a really nice blog. I envy you.
    Still . . . I’m pluggin’ along at http://www.kid-lit-reviews.com
    Send some eyes my way?

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