My Teacher is an Alien

My Teacher is an Alien

By Bruce Coville  – Illustrated by Mike Wimmer

Published in 2005 by Aladdin

Ages 9-12 – 128 pages

Everyone didn’t believe Susan when she said that Mr. Smith, her teacher, was an alien. Well everyone except for Peter, but he thought it was a game at first. Mr. Smith was VERY STRANGE. He didn’t like music or people anywhere near his house. When Susan and Peter discover Mr. Smith’s evil plans, it is up to them to stop him!

I thought this book was really weird and I don’t really like the characters in it. I also didn’t like how everyone in the book seemed to be turning into their opposite. I know that there is a whole series of the “My Teacher” books by Mr. Coville and that the books are pretty popular. You can find out more about the books at . I looked at some of the reviews others have given the books and other people really like them, so they may be worth a try for you. The book was an easy read and wasn’t too scary so I think it would be OK for younger kids.

I give the book 2 out of 5 book worms.

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  1. I’d be worried about you if you liked every book. Nobody is that good at picking out books to read. Especially since you read so much, there has to be some that might not stack up once in a while.

  2. Good to know, because someone recommended these to my kids and me. Maybe we’ll try one anyone. We really like his “The Monster Ring.”

  3. Reminded me of one of my favorites – “Miss Nelson is Missing” – not an alien though, pretty old-fashioned – but good.

    • I haven’t read Miss Nelson is Missing but I did read a review on it (maybe on your blog?) that made me put it on my to read list! Sounds like a better story line than this book. Thanks for reminding me of it and stopping by!

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