Frankie Pickle and the Pine Run 3000

Frankie Pickle and the Pine Run 3000
By Eric Wight 
Ages 6-12 – 84 pages
Published by Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing in 2010

Frankie is the only boy in his scout troop in danger of not earning enough merit badges to make it to the next level in scouting. Frankie figured out that the only way he could advance is by winning the Pine Run 3000 (a pine wood derby race). Frankie’s dad really is excited to help him but Frankie wants to do everything by himself….but can he?

 I really liked the format of the book. It is part story, part comic. When Frankie starts to daydream or use his imagination the story turns into a comic and when Frankie isn’t using his imagination the story is written words. It is a really neat way to write a book! The story is nice and doesn’t have a lot of inappropriate jokes or overly mean characters. The story also teaches some good lessons like working together and perseverance. It is a good book for younger and older kids.

This is the second book in the Frankie Pickle series (but the first I have read). The first book “Frankie Pickle and The Closet of Doom” came out in 2009 and the third book “Frankie Pickle and the Mathematical Menace” just came out this past week (July 26, 2011)! I already bought the other 2 books that are out and am looking forward to when the fourth book “Frankie Pickle and the Land of the Lost Recess” comes out on March 6, 2012! Click HERE to learn more about Eric Wight’s books!

I give Frankie Pickle and the Pine Run 3000 five out of five book worms!

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  1. Cute! I just published a middle grade novel (Elsbett & Robin Take On A-Nasty-Sia,

    It’s so important to give kids great reading material! 🙂

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