Shark Wars -Great Beach Reading!

Guess What Book I Brought to the Beach to Read!

What greater beach reading than a story about our favorite ocean dwelling man-eater?!? OK – I actually brought two books but the other one was on my Kindle and I wasn’t allowed to bring my Kindle on the beach – too much sand, so this is the book that I read while I dug my toes into the sand. I have to say I wasn’t fond of the idea of reading a book about sharks and then going swimming, but I found this book to be great!

Shark Wars
By EJ (Ernie) Altbacker
Ages 9-12, 248 pages
Published by Razorbill in 2011
Gray is a 12-year old reef shark who is big for his age. Because he is so huge, he only had one friend, Barkley. Gray’s size and appetite gets him banished from his home town (reef) but Barkley decides to go with Gray. Gray and Barkley make friends with four other sharks and they make a home in a sunken ship. Soon Gray and his friends are threatened by an evil shark, Goblin, who wants to destroy them. Gray and his friends were forced to join Goblin’s evil clan (a clan is a group of sharks). When Gray and his friends discover Goblin’s sinister plan they work together to try to stop him -but can they?!?!
When I first picked this book up I really wasn’t sure I’d like it. The plot didn’t seem like something I’d be interested in. Well -I LOVED THIS BOOK! It is well written, the description of the story made it come alive and the whole story was really good. The shark characters were great and I really want to read more about them. WELL, I’M IN LUCK! The second Shark Wars book (The Battle of Riptide) comes out on December 13, 2011- too bad I have to wait that long. You can learn more about Shark Wars and read an excerpt from the first book by clicking HERE.
I give Shark Wars five out of five book worms! 

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  1. Great review! You got me curious. I might have to check this one out. Hope you had fun at the beach.

  2. Shark wars is the best

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