The Palace of Laughter : The Wednesday Tales No. 1

The Palace of Laughter : The Wednesday Tales No. 1
By Jon Berkeley
Illustrated by Brandon Dorman
464 pages ages 6+
Published by The Julie Andrews Collection, Harper Collins 2006

Miles Wednesday was an orphan. He managed to escape from the orphanage six times but he was always captured and sent back. On the seventh try, he got lucky and escaped for good. He made his home in a tipped over barrel with his stuffed bear, Tangerine. When Circus Oscuro comes to town, Miles sneaks in to see what it is about because he has never been to a circus. Besides a bunch of mean circus workers and all the creepy clowns he sees at the circus, Miles sees a little girl who falls while performing on top of a wobbly tower close to the top of the circus tent. When the  girl falls from the tower Miles rushes into the circus ring to catch and save her but before he could get to her, the girl, Little, sprouts wings and she floats to the ground. After Miles sees Little being tied up and taken back to her room, Miles helps Little escape from the circus. Little has a friend, Silverpoint, who is trapped in a place called The Palace of Laughter where he is forced to perform too. Together Miles and Little set off on a journey to save him.

The story in this book was very involved, but it was written so well that you don’t feel confused. I really liked the descriptions in the book, it made the story come to life. The adventure that Miles and Little set off on was great! I didn’t want to put the book down as I read it. There was a lot of humor in the book that I really liked. It is nice to see a great adventure story that younger kids could read or have it read to them (OK – I did have a nightmare about the clowns but I think I was already creeped out by clowns to begin with). The Palace of Laughter is the first book of a 3 book series. The other books are “The Tiger’s Egg :The Wednesday Tales No. 2 ” (2007) and “The Lightning Key : The Wednesday Tales No. 3 ” (2009). I have not read the other two yet but I will. I want to read more about the adventures of Miles Wednesday!

I give The Palace of Laughter five out of five book worms!

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  1. I agree this book was good and I don’t like clowns either.

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