Franny K. Stein -Book 1 – Lunch Walks Among Us

Franny K. Stein -Book 1 – Lunch Walks Among Us
By Jim Benton
Ages 6-9 -112 pages
Published in 2004 by Aladdin

Franny K. Stein isn’t just any little girl. She is a MAD SCIENTIST!! On Franny’s first day of school she didn’t make any friends except for her teacher, Miss Shelly. Franny was different from the other kids. Instead of playing with baseball bats she like the play with the flying around animal kind of bats! The other kids in school were kind of scared of her. Miss Shelly told Franny to “experiment” with making friends. So Franny did experiment…..on HERSELF! She turned herself into a cute little girl who fits in with everyone else so the other kids will like her. When a giant trash monster attacks the school no one, but (the old) Franny knows what to do!  

The story and characters in this books were OK. I was hoping for a little more to the story. The publisher has the reading level at 7-10 and amazon has it at 9-12 but I think it’s more like 5+. There is no bad language or violence so it would be a good book for younger advanced readers. The Franny K. Stein books is a whole series. To learn more about it visit I did read another Franny book, “The Fran that Time Forgot”, and that book was OK too. One really great thing about the books are the illustrations. My little sister (who is just starting to read) likes to look at the illustrations and can even read some of the words.

I give the book 2 out of 5 book worms.

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  1. My daughter loved the whole Franny T Stein series as well as Jim’s other book series, Dear Dumb Diary. Thanks for the review Eric.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Mr. Campofiori!
      My little sister really enjoys the Franny K. Stein series, but I couln’t really get into them (although I really like how the books are illustrated). My mom just ordered the rest of the series for her (I’ll probably read them to). On your (or your daughter’s) suggestion I picked up 2 volumes of “Dear Dumb Diary” and I’m going to give those books a try 🙂
      Thanks again,

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