Broken Ladders

Broken Ladders

By Michelle Isenhoff

Ages 9+ – 43,000 words

Published in 2011 by Michelle Isenhoff at Smashwords (ebook)

Hannah was really sad when her brother, Seth,  left to join the Union army to fight  in the Civil War. She was devastated that her father also joined the Union army because he wanted to try to keep Seth safe.  Hannah’s mother was going to need a lot of help to keep the farm running. So Hannah, her sister Maddy, her older brother Joel, and younger brother Justin help as best as they can. The bank that Hannah’s family owed money to wanted the money back and was threatening to take the farm if they didn’t come up with it soon. Hannah decides that she will save it and prove to her father (and herself) that she is able to help just as much as her brothers! Hannah finds the adventure she has been wanting. She has to save the farm, take care of her mother who fell sick and out-smart a sneaky double-crossing shop-keeper!

I liked this book a lot! I recommend this book to every one interested in historical fiction or just a good story. I learned a lot about what life was like during the Civil War times, like how families were sometimes torn apart by the war or illness.I have read other historical fiction books but they are almost all told from a boy’s perspective and I like how the story is told from a girl’s point of view.  I liked Hannah’s character and how she is someone who just won’t give up.

Michelle Isenhoff has 2 other historical fiction books available at Smashwords -“The Candle Star” (book one of her “Divided Decade Trilogy” Broken Ladders was book 2 and Book 3 (not out yet) will be called “Beneath the Slashings”) and “The Color of Freedom”. All the books take us readers on an exciting new adventure with different characters in different parts of early America. I just loaded “The Color of Freedom” on my Kindle last week! To read more about Michelle Isenhoff please visit her website by clicking HERE. Michelle Isenhoff also writes Bookworm Blather where she blogs about books and reading -check it out! Click on any of the book pictures to purchase them at Smashwords or you can also purchase paperback versions and ebook versions HERE , Nook versions at Barnes and Noble, and Kindle Version from the Kindle Store!

I give Broken Ladders 5 out of 5 book worms!

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  1. Wow! I’m glad you enjoyed Broken Ladders. Just a note, my books are also available directly from the Kindle store and as a Nook book from the Barnes and Noble website. Thanks for the enthusiastic review!

  2. Hi Erik, my name is Priya USA. Your blog is awesome. Did you do it all yourself? I can’t wait to read more of it. I have a blog too where I write reviews sometimes. Honestly my parents make me do book reports on the books I read for fun and I just thought if I did the report on my blog it might make it fun. Visit me and tell me what you think about my book review.

    • Hi Priya U.S.A.! Thank you! The content on the blog and the reviews are all me. My mom helps me with editing and to figure out how to do things like insert pictures and links. I visited your blog, very nice review!

  3. I really enjoyed this book. My cover is different, but I kind of like the original. Great job of reviewing, not I can’t. But, my review of The Candle Star is Wednesday. I have just loved this series. I can’t say that I have a favorite, because they each hold my attention. Finished Beneath the Slashings — Wow! I have a Q for Mrs. Isenhoff — is there a reason why you chose girls for the protagonists in the trilogy? Although there are male characters as brothers and friends. I think I know why, but am curious.


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