AWESOME 39 CLUES CONTEST / GIVE-AWAY!! Enter to WIN 39 Clues Author Agent Cards!

THE CONTEST IS CLOSED! I will post the winners later today! I will also email the winners for their address 😮


These cards are promotional and are not available in stores! CHECK THEM OUT!

Each pack has seven Author Agent Cards from the original 39 Clues series. You get the Agent Cards and codes for Rick Riordan, Jude Watson, Peter Lerangis, Linda Sue Park, Gordon Korman, Margaret Peterson Haddix and Patrick Carman! Very cool for 39 Clues fans!

All you have to do is tell me who your favorite character from the 39 Clues is and why in the comment section below. The contest is open to anyone, anywhere as long as you have an address I can send your cards to. If you are under 18 ask your parents if it is OK to do this. I’ll pick 4 people randomly from the submitted comments. Don’t forget to include your email address in the comment field -it won’t show up in the comment but then I can email you if you win. The contest starts NOW and will be open until September 13th 2011. I’ll pick the winners on the 14th and contact them.

Good Luck – Erik (Ekatarina)

**Don’t forget the adventure continues with The Medusa Plot in stores August 30th! See my review for it HERE!**

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  1. I like Hamilton Holt. He is really a good guy and does what is right.

  2. Dan Cahill is the best. I like his photographic memory and how he bugs his sister. Pick me for the winner!!!

  3. I like Nellie Gomez. She shows that you don’t have to be related to become a Cahill and I like how she stands up for herself.

  4. Dan Cahill is my favorite character.

  5. Amy Cahill is the best! She is the brains in the hunt! I want to win the cards PLEASE!!

  6. Dan Cahill is the best. He makes a lot of the stories funny and I like how he annoys his sister.

  7. Am I allowed to enter? I agree with Britt. I like Hamilton Holt because he does what’s right even if it gets him in trouble.

  8. Amy Cahill is my favorite character because she is awesome and Dan would be lost without her! I can’t wait to read medusa plot!

  9. I love Irena Spasky because even though she started out evil, in the end she did what was right and risked her life to save dan and amy`s. my love of her is more like a grudging respect.

  10. My favorite 39 Clues character would have to be Hamilton Holt. And just like Britt, Hamilton alwys seems to do the right thing in the end. He always tries his best for everything, and latter in the first series of the 39 clues, he starts to look out for his “little buddy” Dan, and protects him.(example: book 10 when Amy and Dan weren’t there at the museum when everyone else was except for Isabel, Ham almost choked poor Ian because he was worried about Dan, a very nice moment!) I hope I get chosen!!! ~Kaylan D.W.

  11. My Favorite character is Grace Cahill. She has been everywhere and she is a madrigal

  12. My favorite is Natalie Kabra. I am sympathetic to her. It’s not her fault her mother is Isabel!

  13. Erik do you think I should read this series

  14. I love Dan Cahill… specially his photographic memory.

  15. Willson
    I like Ian Kabra because the his last name sounds like cobra and that is my favourite animal.

  16. Check out this blog. Im new but more book reviews coming soon. There are childrens book and teens and audults. Follow, thanks. click

  17. I believe that Alistair Oh is my favorite character because he may be a double or triple spy but, he has got some amazing tricks up his sleeve. He is really good at pretending to die. I hope he doesn’t die. I can’t wait for the rest of your books ( I’ve already read the medusa plot and every other book that you have written.)

  18. i like alistair


  20. I like Dan Because He is a Madrigal

  21. I glad I saw your post so I can get in the contest! I like Jonah Wizard. I think he is trying to do the right thing.

  22. Well, I must confess, I have seen the book in the bookstore and online but have never read them. They do look so inviting. I am not interested in winning the cards when there are so many fans here who would enjoy them much more than I. In fact, if I won I would probably give them away on my site. This brings me to my real reason for commenting.

    Thank you for posting a link to my site Kid Lit Reviews on you sidebar. I was not aware of this and do not know why I have never seen this before. So thanks. Being new, all the viewers I get the better. I am going to return the favor. Seems only fair. Not sure how much I will drive over here, but they will enjoy it here. I know I do.

    Thanks again. And if you randomly pull this comment out – pull again. Seriously. I love winning but I need to pass this one by.

  23. Hey Erik!

    I got you’re email… thanks for choosing me. I can’t believe it.

    Thanks really.

  24. When was the drawing? Any more coming up???

  25. Do you know anyone else who is giving away these cards?Little sister really wants them. Possibly a birthday present

  26. Where did you get them? Can’t find them anywhere

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