“Here Comes Mr. Trouble” Book Review and Interview with Brett Battles!

Today I am excited to share with you an interview I had with Brett Battles. Mr. Battles writes adult thriller novels and he recently published his first novel for children (and young adults). The book is called “Here Comes Mr. Trouble” I was very happy to find this book because it is sometimes hard to find this type of thriller novel that is appropriate for young kids like me. PLUS read on after the interview to see my review of Here Comes Mr. Trouble.

 I noticed on your website that “Here Comes Mr. Trouble” is your first book you wrote for kids. I really like intense action stories but sometimes it’s hard to find books like that appropriate for younger kids like me. “Here Comes Mr. Trouble” is really exciting and it is written well for kids. How did you like writing for a younger audience?

I loved it! The only thing I did different than what I do in the adult books I write was let my imagination stretch a little farther. Otherwise telling a good story is telling a good story no matter which age group it’s for. I knew I had a good story with “Here Comes Mr. Trouble.” Writing it was a ton of fun from beginning to end!

You told me that you are going to write a sequel to “Here Comes Mr. Trouble”. Will it be about Eric, the Trouble Family, or both? When will it be out and do you have a title yet?

I am. Eric (sorry about the spelling), won’t be in the next book, but will most likely be making a reappearance later. In the meantime, there are other kids in need of the Trouble family’s help, plus there’s a lot of stuff for them to figure out after their experience in “Here Comes Mr. Trouble.” The next book is tentatively called “You’re in Big, Mr. Trouble.” Hoping to have it out at some point in the first half of next year. (No exact date yet.)

  I really liked the Uncle Colin and Mr. Trouble (Ronan) characters. Do you make your characters like people you know (or yourself) or are they all made up?

Pretty much made up. Occasionally, I’ll take little traits from people I know and give them to characters in my books, but never make a whole character based on someone I know. I do, however, use a lot of friends’ names, which is fun. That said, I think there’s a lot of every author in the characters they create, especially their heroes. We can’t help but give them
some of our own traits.

 What kind of book did you read when you were a kid? Did what you read as a kid make you decide to become an author?

I was about your age when I decided I want to write novels (I was 10 and in fifth grade. I remember it clearly.) I just loved stories and reading so much I wanted to do it myself! While we had a lot of reading choices when I was young, I think the choices these days are broader, and, often, written considerably better, too. The series of books I read that sticks in my mind was one called “Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators.” It was about these three middle-school aged boys who, with the occasional help of the movie director Alfred Hitchcock, solved mysteries. The coolest thing was their clubhouse built in the middle of a junkyard owned by one of the boy’s uncles (I think.) They had secret tunnels, and all sorts of crazy things that helped my imagination run while. Wouldn’t necessarily recommend going back and reading them yourself. They’re nowhere near as good as some of today’s books. I took a look at one a few years ago and thought, “I used to like this?” But back then they were gold to me.

Thank you Mr. Battles!


Here Comes Mr. Trouble (The Trouble Family Chronicles)

By Brett Battles
Published in 2011 by Crate Space (Kindle Version Reviewed)
252 pages -ages 9+

Eric was having a bad day. Actually he was having a bad week……make that two weeks. He seems to be having the worst luck of his life. What makes maters worse is that he thinks his mom is missing. Eric’s dad just thinks she’s on a business trip but his mom is a hairstylist and she’s NEVER been on a business trip. Eric begins to think he is going crazy. It all starts to make sense (well….sort of) when a phonebook pops out of nowhere open to a page with an ad for a business  that promises to help you with your troubles, he decides to call. Who answers the call? The Trouble family! The Trouble’s promise to help Eric get his life back to the way it used to be. What Eric finds out  is things are a lot worse than he thought!

I like suspenseful action-packed books and it’s really hard to find books like that for young kids  like me. Here Comes Mr. Trouble is a great book for kids who want an exciting story and parents will approve of it because there is no foul language or extreme violence. The reading level was perfect for me (not too hard and not too easy). The story kept me reading it because I wanted to know what happens next. I really liked the Mr. Trouble character (and Uncle Colin) but the other characters were awesome too. I am happy that Mr. Battles is writing a sequel with the title “You’re in Big, Mr. Trouble” which will come out sometime next year. I think adult readers would also like the story because the plot is pretty involved and the story is full of action!

Here comes Mr. Trouble is available in regular book form and also in ebook form (I read the Kindle version and you can buy that  HERE). To learn more about Mr. Battles and his other books please visit his website by clicking HERE.

I give Here Comes Mr. Trouble five out of five book worms!

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  1. Awesome job! I’m an adult and I loved this one!

  2. Bravo to Mr. Battles for writing an exciting children’s thriller book that is appropriate for children to read. Too often “young adult” books are more “adult” than “young”.

  3. Nice Post!

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