Mega Man: A New Series by Archie Comics!

#1 -The one I don't have **sigh**

Mega Man Comic Series

Published by Archie Comics first issue published March 2011

Mega Man #2

Dr. Light created the robots Rock and his sister Roll to help him in his lab. He also created the Robot Masters (helper robots) to help around the city. Then Dr. light’s former friend, Dr. Wily, stole the Robot Masters and reprogrammed them to take over the city. Dr. Light changed Rock into Mega Man to fight the Robot Masters and bring them back to the lab.

Mega Man #3

Mega Man is a new comic book series that started in March. I was excited to see the new comic title come out and my mom got me a year subscription. I’ve been waiting to review this series for a long time because the publishers never sent me the 1st book in the series, so, I’ve decided to just write the review on the books I’ve read so far (4 in all) in the Mega Man series. I like the story plot because I think it’s exciting and it’s also told really well. The Mega Man character is a kind robot. I think it’s cool how he can download the Robot Masters most powerful attack to use as his own. I really like the illustrations because they are cartoonish, unique, and colorful. It is good for kids 5+ because there is no bad language and no extreme violence (there is fighting, but it’s comic book fighting like superheroes fighting). Mega Man is a good comic worth reading and I look forward to it in my mailbox every month.

I give the Mega Man comic book series 3 out of 5 book worms!

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