Sea Cutter: Book I in the Chronicles of Nathaniel Childe

Sea Cutter: Book I in the Chronicles of Nathaniel Childe

By Timothy Davis

Published in 2011 by Timothy Davis at Smashwords

Ages 9+ (ebook)

Two years after Nathaniel’s father died in a shipwreck, a package arrived from him. There was a mysterious treasure inside and a note from Nat’s father which made Nat believe, even more, that his father did not die! The letter and the treasure were clues about where to find his father, but how could a fourteen year-old boy navigate the seas alone, especially when no one in the village believes his father survived. Nat tricks a family friend (Wayland) into sailing his ship, the Sea Cutter, into the waters of the Atlantic Ocean in hopes of finding his father. Unfortunately an evil stowaway sneaks onto the Sea Cutter and uses Nat to hatch his own plan of getting what he wants. Can Nat and Wayland survive the stormy ocean, a whale attack, starvation, Nat deceiving Wayland and the murderous stowaway hidden on board?

Sea Cutter is the first ebook in the Chronicles of Nathaniel Childe. Mr. Davis’ second ebook in the series is titled “Red Stone” and I already have my copy and am looking forward to reading it! Mr. Davis says on his website that he is currently writing a third ebook in the series. Sea Cutter is a historical adventure book and I tend to really like a book like that. This book was VERY thrilling! I think the book would be good for readers aged 9+. There were some tense moments and fighting but nothing that is inappropriate for kids. There were a couple of parts in the book that were predictable but there were also some great surprises to the plot too. My favorite character is Paulo, an orphan that Wayland and Nat meet along their journey. Paulo is kind and an experienced sailor.  I really didn’t like how Nat was lying all the time, it made me not like him as much as I would have liked to. This is a book that gets you right into the action from the beginning (and there is A LOT of action)!

I really went back and forth with my rating for this book between four and five book worms. I am giving it a five because it is just a great adventure story, it really kept me reading it and I am really looking forward to reading the next book in the series. I hope Nat is a bit more likeable in that book.

You can learn more about Mr. Davis at his website by clicking HERE. PLUS YOU CAN GET HIS BOOKS FOR FREE UNTIL OCTOBER 15th AT HIS WEBSITE  by using the coupon code!!!! Both Sea Cutter and Red Stone can be purchased at SmashwordsAmazon, and Barnes and Noble also.

For a grown-up’s opinion about this book visit Michelle Isenhoff’s blog, Bookworm Blather by clicking HERE!

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  1. Thank you, Erik! This is a great review!

  2. Well-written, Erik. Don’t you just love Mr. Davis’ cover images too? They just scream adventure.

  3. Thanks to all Erik’s readers and contributors , young and not as young. Every body’s comments are a lot of fun to read. I also like following the map of all his viewers .
    Thanks again Erik’s Dad

  4. Sounds like a great series for boys!

  5. Hi Susan. Thanks for the comment! I think so too. But I think I have three girls reading it right now, and then we’ll see whether girls like it too. Red Stone, Book II, introduces a heroine named Ruth and a love interest. Does that sound like it might appeal to girls more?

    • OH I didn’t mean that it wouldn’t appeal to girls! I just meant it’s very hard to find novels that boys will really take an interest in. Yours seem to fit that bill. Of course (speaking as a former girl 🙂 ), a strong heroine will help catch the interest of girls!

  6. Oh! I see what you mean. Still, I’m curious to know how these girls like it. I appreciate your perspective as “a former girl” 🙂

  7. Another interesting post.


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