The Winners of the Author Agent 39 Clues Cards Are…..

First I’d like to send a BIG thank you to the great people at Scholastic Books for sending me these cards for this awesome give away 🙂 You can visit The 39 Clues official website by clicking on the banner above.

Secondly I’d like to thank all of you great readers for entering the contest -and if you didn’t win – I am going to have more great book-related give-aways. In fact my next contest will be for ORIGINAL ARTWORK from the author of one of my favorite series!! Check out my post on this coming Friday (August 16th) for details!


The winners of the 39 Clues Author Agent cards are:

1) Charles – HEY CHARLES! the email address you gave me is not working send me another so I can send you your cards! If I don’t hear from you in a week I’ll pick another winner. ***UPDATE (September 24th)*** Charles never sent me his correct email address so the new winner is KAYLAN! ***UPDATE #2*** So I never heard back from Kaylan -so the new runner-up winner is WILSON! Wilson you have 1 week to send me your complete mailing address 🙂

2) Cassie

3) Sthepanie

4) Erick

I will email the winners to ask for the address to send the cards to. Thanks again to everyone!

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  1. I like Reagan because she doesn’t like the whole thing to destroy. She thinks it’s really a bad thing and she just can’t convince her father to stop. She is not like Madison because she thinks it’s fun to do all these things.Please pick me. My little sister would be so happy

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