Author Patrick Carman Visits My Local Bookstore!

I had a great evening yesterday at the Harleysville Bookstore. Mr. Patrick Carman was not only signing his newest books, but he also talked about being a writer and writing books! He answered lots of questions, not only from kids, but adults, too! I get pretty nervous when I talk to the authors of books I read (especially authors of books I REALLY like) but Mr. Carman was VERY nice and he seemed to really want to talk to us kids! First Mr. Carman told us about writing books and suggested that a lot of times authors write about things that happen to them in real life or memories they have from when they were younger. Mr. Carman’s latest book, Floors, is an example of how he took things he remembered from growing up and books that he read and turned them into a story of his own! He then took questions from the audience and there were some great questions from the crowd! Some of the questions (Q) and answers (A) are listed below. Just a note -Mr. Carman’s answers aren’t exact quotes (I couldn’t write that fast!) but they are pretty close.
Q: I’ve read Black Circle from the 39 clues, Skeleton Creek and now Floors. Do you have a favorite book you wrote?
A: It’s always the book I’m writing now. Once I finish a book I never really look at it again because I know the story. It is the next book that is my favorite.
Mr. Carman took a lot of time
to talk to each kid in line.
Q: How did you get the idea for Floors?
A: I got it from one of my favorite books Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and from seeing unusual hotels I remembered as a child. We would stay in some weird hotels and I would sneak around them and I always thought there were hidden rooms in the hotels.
Q: Your book Floors has a lot of ducks in it. What is with all the ducks?
A: I remember seeing the Parade of the Ducks at the Piedmont Hotel. They actually have ducks that live on the roof of the hotel. Plus I think Ducks have great comedic timing (OK my Mom had to explain what comedic timing was, now I get it HA HA) and “duck” and “quack” are really funny words that I can use in the story if I use ducks. Most books have dogs or cats in them. Why not ducks?
Q: Did you draw the Whippet Hotel on the back of the book?
A: I had the idea of what the hotel looked like in my head.  I am not a very good artist but I gave the illustrator the best drawing I could do.
Then Mr. Carman did something really cool! He took out his laptop and showed us his original artwork for the Whippet Hotel and then showed how it was transformed into

Mr. Carman shows us his original drawing of the Whippet Hotel in Floors

the drawing for the book by the illustrator. He also showed us his original drawings for the awesome world in Atherton and  the land of Five Stone Pillars from the Land of Elyon! It was neat to see how authors and illustrators work together.
Q: What is your favorite type of genre of book and what were your favorite books growing up?
A: Mysteries. I always write mysteries, and I love to read mysteries. I loved all the Dr. Seuss books growing up. I liked Where The Wild Things Are when I was a kid, but I don’t think it has the same effect on me as an adult so he (meaning Maurice Sendak, author) really tapped into what kids like but maybe adults don’t. My most favorite book is Frankenstein.

Mr. Carman signed a lot of books!

Q: How long does it take to write a book?
A: It depends on what book it is. For me, it takes about 6 months –  1 year for the 1st book in a series and it could take less time for the other books in the series.
Then I asked Mr. Carman about how he mixes reading with video in books like The Skeleton Creek Series and his new Series 3:15. If you don’t know what I mean, both these series are books, but in the books there are codes to go online to see videos that carry the story on. Then you go back to reading. I’ve seen books with online games (like The 39 Clues, which is cool) but not where they combine reading with videos like this. Mr. Carman said he developed the idea because he wanted to get kids who don’t usually like to read into reading and he thought combining video and written words would help. I think the Skeleton Creek series is great (read my review of it tomorrow 🙂 and I am not a kid who avoids reading, but I can see how all kids would stay interested in the story! Mr. Carman’s new series 3:15 (stands for 1. Listen 2. Read 3. Watch for 15 minutes) is a bunch of creepy short-stories where you have to go online to WATCH the end of the story. I picked up 2 signed copies at the book signing. 1 for me and 1 to GIVE AWAY IN OCTOBER! What a cool Halloween give away! Watch for it 😮 !

To learn more about Mr. Carman and his books please visit his website by clicking HERE!


Tomorrow I will post a double review! Mr. Carman’s new book Floors AND Skeleton Creek!

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  1. You are so lucky! I really like Skeleton Creek and the 39 clues. I didn’t hear of the 315 one yet.

  2. Hey all PC fans idk if you have heard about Dark Patrick Carman. It’s about 7 people and they have fears and they go to fort Eden to get rid of their fears:) you can also learn more about it at

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