Children’s Book Authors are the Nicest People on Earth (and maybe other planets too)!

As you know, I’m just a kid. I’m not an official reporter or anything. I just blog about what I love and that is BOOKS and READING! I’m really glad that the authors I have met so far have been very happy, no, REALLY happy to talk to a kid about their books and writing. Thank you to all the authors that have taken time to answer my questions. All you authors are creating awesome worlds for kids to learn about and great stories to get lost in. It’s really cool that you will make school visits, respond to emails and make bookstore visits to talk to us kids.

FOR INSTANCE – I just got back from a double book signing at Children’s Book World (a GREAT independent bookstore in Haverford, PA -click HERE to go to their site). There were two super children’s book authors there! Authors Brandon Mull and  Matt Myklusch were there talking about the books they wrote, their ideas and what they were like when they were our age.

Brandon Mull wrote the “Fablehaven” series and was promoting his newest series “Beyonders”. The first book in the Beyonders series came out this year and it is called “A World Without Heroes”. Mr. Mull talked about how he came up with ideas for the story (like how he made the characters go through a hippopotamus’ mouth to get into Lyrian, the world in the Beyonders). In Beyonders Mr. Mull made up his own myths and mythical creatures whereas in Fablehaven he used myths that already existed like centaurs. I read some very positive reviews of “A World Without Heroes” -Beyonders Book 1 and I can’t wait to get reading it! Mr. Mull also said he has the other two books of the Beyonders trilogy already written but we have to wait until March 2012 for the second book (Seeds of Rebellion) and I’m not sure how long for the third… not fair!! You can learn  more about Mr. Mull and his books at his website by clicking HERE.

Matt Myklusch was promoting the second book in the Jack Blank Adventures, “The Secret War” AND if you haven’t read my reviews of his two books…why not?… Just kidding. But if you are interested click HERE for my review of The Accidental Hero (book 1) and click HERE for my review of The Secret War. PLUS Mr. Myklusch sent me this totally cool artwork to give away on my blog and the contest is going on now! Click HERE to read how to enter. Mr. Myklusch talked about what kind of comic books he liked to read when he was my age (basically ALL of them 🙂 ) Mr. Myklusch draws pictures of the characters he makes up and you can see some of them on his website by clicking HERE. He told us kids that he wanted to draw superheros for Marvel comics as a job but he found out that he couldn’t just send in his drawings, that there had to be a story first. Well he had the Jack Blank story going on in his head and so he started writing it.

Mr. Mull and Mr. Myklusch answered a bunch of questions from all the kids at the event. They took their time to talk to each of us when we went through the line to get our books signed. They even put up with me going back a couple of times to ask them more questions (THANKS!). It’s nice to know that these authors of books that kids love are really nice guys!

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