By Emma Kennedy

335 Pages – Ages 9+

Published in the USA in 2011 by Dial Books for Young Readers

10-year-old Wilma Tenderfoot is an orphan at the Cooper Island Lowside Institute for Woeful Children – a totally evil place run by Madam Scratch. When she gets “adopted” to do work for Mrs. Waldock, her life goes downhill until she finds out she lives next door to Theodore P. Goodman, the island’s greatest detective (A.K.A. Wilma’s hero because Wilma wants to be a really good detective like him). When a jewel called the Katzin Stone is stolen, Wilma wants to prove herself to the detective so he will make her his apprentice. The mystery gets even stranger because the owners of the jewel end up with frozen hearts!

This book is really good! I always like a good mystery! This is the first in the Wilma Tenderfoot series (there are four books in all).  I really liked Inspector Lemone (pronounced: Lemon) because he is the funny guy of the story. I really like the style of the book. Wilma is a great character and I think boys will like her as much as girls. It’s a great book for younger kids because it’s not too scary, but still a good mystery. Ms. Kennedy has a website but it isn’t kid-friendly (you have to be over 16 to view it). So to learn more about Wilma Tenderfoot I suggest going to your library!

I give it 4 out of 5 book worms!

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