Win a Signed Patrick Carman Book! – A Ghoulish Give-away just in time for Halloween!


My latest contest is for a perfectly spooky prize -just in time for Halloween!!

The prize is for a signed copy of Patrick Carman’s new series 3:15, Season 1 – Things That Go Bump in the Night! I picked up an extra copy to give away when I saw Mr. Carman at a book signing at the Harleysville Book Store. The short stories in the book are weird, scary or down right creepy! Check out my review of it below! To enter the contest you have to tell me what your favorite monster is in the comment section below and leave a valid email address so I can contact you if you win. If you are under 18, make sure you have your parents permission to enter. ALSO the stories in this book can be rather scary so it is not appropriate for kids that get frightened easily or I’d say for anyone under 10. The contest is open NOW and will end on the 23rd of October. So if you win, you will get the book in time for Halloween!


Things That Go Bump In The Night

By Patrick Carman

148 Pages (plus some extra features) – Ages +10

Published in 2011 by Scholastic Press

3:15 stands for – 1. Listen to an audio file 2. Read the short story 3. Watch the video ending  and you get the whole story in about 15 minutes! Each chapter is a short scary/weird story. The stories are full of hair-raising, spine chilling things like ghosts, cursed objects, evil science teachers and everything else that can go “bump in the night”!

You can read 3:15 in 2 ways! One way is getting the book, listening to audio files, and watching the videos online. You can also buy everything as an app. I really liked how Mr. Carman put videos mixed with reading in his Skeleton Creek series (see my review HERE) and this series I think is really cool. Each story has an audio introduction (and the music is even creepy). The stories are definitely exciting (sometimes even a little too creepy and I didn’t read them in the dark)! I really like the short story format of this series. The video endings were something I looked forward to when reading. I think the stories will keep any kid (or adult) interested in reading! My mom said it reminded her of the Twilight Zone (what ever that is, but she said you adults will know 🙂 ). I would recommend it to kids 10+ only because some of it can be very creepy. It’s not like violent but some of the stories are scary! If you are a fan of scary stories, this book is for you! If not, read Mr. Carman’s book Floors (one of the best books I have read this year) see my Review HERE. To learn more about 3:15 and Mr. Carman’s other books, please visit his website by clicking HERE. You can also see examples of 3:15 stories there.

I give Things that Go Bump in the Night 5 out of 5 frightenly fiendish book worms !

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19 replies

  1. Great Review! I wish there were more hours a day to read all of the great books that you are reviewing. My favorite monster is the Clazmonian Sow. It is a flying porker from the Last Olympian by: Rick Riordan. Who doesn’t like flying pigs? He is very fiesty, yet Percy did ride him all over New York City.

  2. I only heard about this book today. Thanks for the review: now I want to read it even more!

    My favorite monster right now is the Erlkönig from this obscure little poem by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Absolutely creepy: one of those spooky spirits you would NOT want to meet in a dark alley…or anywhere else, for that matter!

    Write on!

  3. Sully, from Monsters, Inc.

  4. OK I want to win this time!! My favorite monster is ….COOKIE MONSTER Ha ha ha!

  5. I’d really LOVE this book. I like Patrick Carman’s books! My favorite monster is Cthulhu!

  6. I would like to win the book! My favorite monster is Count Dracula!

  7. Ugghhh, I wouldn’t say favorite, but the one that comes to mind is Red Cap who is an elemental that lives in the woods and possibly around old castles in Europe. He is called “Red Cap” because he dips the top of his head in the blood of the people he’s killed.

  8. Do gremlins count as monsters? I’m also fond of the one-eyed one horned flying purple people eater.

  9. My favorite monster is Medusa. Thanks for the great contest!

  10. My older two would love this book! Right now, my younger two (yes, the middle one falls in both groups) are reading The Monster Ring, by Bruce Coville for Halloween, so their current favorite is Russell Crannaker. Mine is Frankenstein. I thinks it’s so funny that Mary Shelley, the wife of a Romantic poet, created this horrific monster story.

  11. Loved your review. Love your blog. I’m following you on Facebook. Such a treat…not a trick. 🙂

    My sixth grade students love the Skeleton Creek series. I cannot wait to introduce them to this book! I have a feeling it will not be on the shelf but in students’ arms!

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