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Today is special! I have a great review by another kid book review blogger -Sir Books-A-Lot!


by: Deborah Wiles

377 Pages – Ages 12+

Published by: Scholastic Press in 2010

Twelve year old Franny Chapman has it all, friends, a good school, and a nice family until president Kennedy announces that Cuba has Atomic Bombs pointed at the USA. For thirteen days Franny’s world falls apart: her friends fight with her, her sister is being secretive, and the boy that she likes moves back in the neighborhood. Things only get more complicated from there. Can she pull herself together and make it through the Cuban Missile Crisis? I give this book 5 out of 5 shields (or bookworms) for the emotions the author puts you through. You feel everything that Franny goes through like it is your own experience.  It is a reminder that sometimes when things get tough you have got to hang on. It was a fictional story, but I did learn a lot from the historical references and photos which were really from the Crisis. This book is good for 12+ ages and is a nominee for the Georgia Book Award this year. It is book one in the Sixties Trilogy (The other books in the trilogy have not been published yet).

To learn more about Ms. Wiles and her books please visit her site by clicking HERE.

You can check out Sir Books-A-Lot’s Blog by clicking HERE.

AWESOME Review Sir Books-A-Lot! Thanks };o{)

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  1. Super job, Sir Books-alot!

  2. Thanks alot Anonymous!

  3. I never heard of this book but I do know what the Cuban Missle crisis was. Sounds like a good book!

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