Book Signing with Michael Buckley and Review of THE CHEERLEADERS OF DOOM!

Well I may have missed Michael Buckley, author of “NERDS” and “The Sisters Grimm”, at the National Book Festival in Washington DC (read the sad story HERE), but I got to meet him Last night when I went to a book signing with him at Children’s Book World , a totally AWESOME independent bookstore in Haverford PA! He was promoting his newest NERDS book -(book 3) “The Cheerleaders of DOOM”. Mr. Buckley was SUPER nice and you could just tell he was happy to be there talking to us. In fact he said he had the best job in the world because he got to go around and talk with kids about his books. He also talked about what he did before he started writing children’s books and how it led him to what he’s doing now….

Interesting Fact: Michael Buckley said he hung out with BEARDED LADIES and SWORD SWALLOWERS and FIRE BREATHERS. He said he went underground in New York City to find a group of people called “The Mole Men.” He did all of this when he was making documentaries.  Now that’s interesting!

 Stuff we learned from Mr. Buckley –

Mr. Buckley has been writing children’s books for 6 years now. He told us he was born in Ohio (Akron) and the town has NO bookstores because the Borders bookstore closed!!! That’s sad!!

He also told us worked at all sorts of cool jobs like for Nickelodeon, David Letterman, the Discovery Channel, VH1 and MTV!

When he writes books he sees it in his head like a movie first. He even  sees his books in his head at different angles.

Mr. Buckley also said that it is important for kids to try to write and although it is hard to edit and re-write it is worth it because the first draft of anything is never good (Boy do I know that, my mom makes me re-write all my blog posts -including this one!)

Mr. Buckley is the author of the Sister’s Grimm and NERDS books and he has a show on Cartoon Network called “Robotomy.”

When asked how he came up with the idea for NERDS –the super agents, he said “At my 2oth (he didn’t see his friends for 2o years) High School reunion I saw that all the popular kids you wanted to be friends with were… well… pretty much losers BUT the nerdy people were actually kind of popular and I wish someone would have told me when I was a kid, that this is how life worked out”. So Mr. Buckley based his NERDS books on his life experiences. In fact the main character of his new book “Cheerleaders of Doom”, Matilda, is based on his wife.

 I asked Mr. Buckley “Who’s your favorite NERD? (Mine is Braceface).” He replied: “I really like Gluestick.” And I can’t tell you why because he told me not to publish it on my blog HA HA!!

Mr. Buckley said that he is writing the 4th NERDS book and it’s called “The Villain Virus” where the main character is the NERD Flinch and there is a virus which makes everyone want to take over the world, but Flinch, surprisingly, is immune to the virus and has to defeat his own friends. I can’t wait to read it!

Mr. Buckley then signed all of our books and even had time to talk to each of us and take pictures when we got to meet him!


NERDS Book 3 -The Cheerleaders of DOOM

By Michael Buckley

Illustrated by Ethen Beavers

Ages 9-12 – 288 pages

Published by Amulet Books on September 1, 2011

NERDS super agent, Wheezer finds herself having to go undercover and infiltrate an elite group of evil doers – cheerleaders! Wheezer never thought she’d ever even wear a skirt but now she finds herself in a CHEERLEADING OUTFIT, wearing MAKE-UP, at A CHEERLEADING CAMP! Wheezer must figure out who “Mathlete” is and convince her to stop using the machine she invented that allows people to travel to alternate universes because it is destroying the world. Will she find Mathlete, be able to endure cheerleading, save the world, and find out that she is not just a tomboy? This book is a hilarious 3rd book to the NERDS series! I like how Mr. Buckley features a different NERD as the main character in each  book. The story is awesome, I like the idea that Wheezer was traveling to different worlds and seeing other versions of herself and her friends. I also like how there is narration from Mr. Buckley in NERDS books like he is a former NERD agent.  I recommend this to all geeks, nerds, poor kids that get picked on and just any kid 8+. I think if I were a NERD I’d like to have the code name “Techno”  with the NERDY powers of knowing how everything works.

To learn more about the NERD books visit the official website by clicking HERE (the website is pretty cool). You can read my review of NERDS Book 1 HERE and NERDS Book 2 M is for Mama’s Boy HERE.

 I give “The Cheerleaders of Doom” 5 out of 5 book worms!

-End Transmission–



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  1. I just attended my 20 year reunion two weeks ago, and it’s true people don’t end up like you think they would!!

    Also, Mr. Buckley’s statement about first drafts echoes a quote by American novelist Ernest Hemingway, “The first draft of anything is…” Well, I wouldn’t use the word he used, but I agree with the sentiments. Hemingway and Buckley know, writing is hard work! But you do a great job, Erik. Nice post!

  2. after the glimpse Buckley gave for the Book 4… i can’t wait… You rock dude.

  3. I need to read book 4. I must know why Flinch is immune(if you have any other info on the book please inform me)

  4. Maybe waaaaay too much sugar…

  5. can’t wait for book 4!

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