This Has Nothing to do with Books….but We Look Cool!!

Happy Halloween!

  ..In case you didn’t know, I’m the one on the left (Ha Ha)!

My sister and I are Steampunk kids for Halloween! What are you going to be?

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  1. Great costumes, Erik! Happy Halloween. Best Wishes, Mr. Davis

  2. Thanks Mr. Davis! AND we have a 2 hour school delay Whoo hoo!! It’s already a great Halloween!!

  3. I absolutely LOVE your costumes! We are BIG steampunk fans here in our household — especially my 17-year-old son. Happy Halloween!

  4. Cool costume! You guys look great! 😀

  5. You two look awesome! Happy Halloween : )

  6. Thanks everybody!! No I’m off to get some CANDY!!

  7. Erik you two look fantastic! What great costumes! Hope you had a great night and got enough candy to rot your teeth out several times over! LOL (kidding)

  8. Erik, I love the costumes! I hope you still have some of your candy left… :o)

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