Guest Review of Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes by Emma age 8

Today I have a special guest reviewer, Emma, who is 8 years old!

Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes

Reviewed by Emma, Age 8

By Jonathan Auxier
Published by Amulet on August 1, 2011
400 pages – ages 9+
Imagine having your eyes pecked out by a raven when you’re a baby, being thrown in a river tied in a bag, and you manage to untie the bag. You learn to steal to stay alive, and when you’re five years-old, a beggar-monger notices your talent for stealing and forces you to pick pockets for him. One day when you’re ten, the beggar-monger sends you out to steal from the townspeople, but instead of coming back with gold and wallets and stuff like that, you bring back a plain old box. If you’re Peter Nimble, that’s where your adventure begins!
Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes, by Jonathan Auxier is a fantastic book I really think you should read! It’s full of adventure, mystery, humor, friendship and it has a great ending.
What I like best about Peter Nimble is that he is very brave. I mean, would you touch a sea monster on purpose? Would you put something you couldn’t see into your eye sockets? I also like that Peter is very intelligent and creative at getting out of dangerous situations and never feels sorry for himself.
The story is a little complicated because it jumps from character to character in each chapter, so you have to pay attention and remember lots of details, but in the end, everything comes together perfectly.
I would give Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes five bookworms because I liked reading this book so much I couldn’t put it down. All the details made me feel like I was there with Peter on his adventures.

Thanks Emma for the AWESOME review!! I put this book on my “to read” list! To learn more about Mr. Auxier and his first novel “Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes”, please visit his website by clicking HERE.

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  1. I liked Peter too, and especially the cool Fantastic Eyes. What a great review!

  2. What a wonderful review Emma! Well Done! 🙂

  3. When I first saw this title, I thought it was a Peter pan book 🙂
    Nice review!

  4. Is the box he brings back magic or does it have some kind of secret? Sounds kind of interesting!

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