An AWESOME Book Signing With Nick Bruel and two Bad Kitty Reviews!!



 It was ANOTHER GREAT EVENT at Harleysville Books! Mrs. Shelly Plumb, the owner of the book store said that Author/Illustrator Nick Bruel read a blog post of hers where she said she was VERY excited about his up-coming (and now here) Bad Kitty books and he then offered to come to the store! So last Tuesday I got to meet Mr. Bruel and get my Bad Kitty books signed!

There were a lot of kids at the event. Mr. Bruel’s books are meant for all ages. Bad Kitty picture books are great for read alouds or for beginning readers and he also has written Bad Kitty chapter books meant for older kids. After Mrs. Plumb introduced Mr. Bruel, he told us a little about the Bad Kitty series and how after each Bad Kitty picture book he wrote, he didn’t feel like writing ANOTHER alphabet into a story, but his publisher kept telling him to “go home and think about it”…and then he’d do it 🙂 . If you aren’t familiar with the Bad Kitty picture books there actually alphabet books with a story wrapped around them. Sometimes he even puts multiple alphabets in the books (seriously how many “X” words can you come up with?). He said that in his newest picture book  “A Bad Kitty Christmas” he decided to really torture himself and include multiple alphabets and make the story rhyme too! Mr. Bruel then read “A Bad Kitty Christmas” to us.  I have to say there is nothing better than to hear an author read his or her own book!

He then answered questions from all us kids there. I think there were the most questions from a bunch of kids then I have seen at any book signing I’ve been to! We learned that “Bad Kitty” was made to look like Mr. Bruel’s pet from when he was a kid, a black cat with a tuft of white hair on his chest named Zu-Zu. We also learned that Uncle Murray (one of my favorite characters) was made after Mr. Bruel’s own Uncle Murray who happened to know Abbot and Costello (a very famous old-time comedy team). Mr. Bruel also suggested that we see Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein (I say you also have to see the “Who’s on First” video VERY FUNNY)!!! 

Mr Bruel worked at a book store before becoming an author. He said that he always wanted to be a cartoonist but he now thinks writing children’s books is an even better job. He likes writing as much as drawing but he usually writes the story before drawing the illustrations (If you see his books look like they are part comic and part regular book). Mr. Bruel said that he practiced drawing a lot and really admires other illustrators for their abilities, especially Barbara McClintock  (you can visit her website by clicking her name). I thought it was interesting when he told us that he started making picture books and normally picture books for young kids get made into board books for REALLY young kids but he wanted to make his picture books into chapter books for older kids. Some day he wants to write a young adult book (not about Bad Kitty). He said the best part of his job is meeting and talking to kids. He said he really enjoys answering questions and listening to his fans 🙂 . Mr. Bruel made sure each person had a chance to talk with him as he was signing the books we brought. I could tell he really does like his job!


One really AWESOME thing Mr. Bruel told us is that Bad Kitty belongs not just to him but to all of us and we kids (and adults) should try to make up our own Bad Kitty stories. He said that writing is something we should all try. SO, I am going to have a “Bad Kitty Story Contest” that I will post about tomorrow. A contest where YOU send in your best Bad Kitty material for a chance at fabulous prizes (which I haven’t come up with yet, but they will be FABULOUS)! So check back to find out all the rules!

Mr. Bruel’s latest picture book is “A Bad Kitty Christmas (released September 13, 2011) and his newest chapter book is “Bad Kitty Meets the Baby” (released June 7, 2011) SEE MY REVIEWS BELOW! The next Bad Kitty book, “Bad Kitty  for President” will be released on January 17, 2012. To learn more about Mr. Bruel and his books, please visit his website by clicking HERE.


A Bad Kitty Christmas
By Nick Bruel
40 pages – ages 4 +
Published by Roaring Brook Press on September 13, 2011

Bad Kitty is back with a new adventure! Bad Kitty runs away after she gets in trouble for tearing all the presents, ruining the decorations and flinging the fruitcake. What makes matter worse is that Puppy also ran away to try to find Bad Kitty. Bad Kitty soon finds out that running away wasn’t such a good idea. Will Bad Kitty ruin Christmas or will she learn what Christmas is really about?

This large hard cover picture book is a great read aloud book for families. Yes Bad Kitty is being bad once again in this book but the ending is very nice and it teaches the reader what really is important about Christmas. The book is hysterical and I really like how the story is told in a rhyme. The color illustrations are amazing and I am also a fan of how Mr. Bruel formats his books to look kind of like comics. You don’t have to be a fan of Bad Kitty to enjoy this story!

I give A Bad Kitty Christmas five out of five book worms! 

Bad Kitty Meets the Baby
By Nick Bruel
144 pages – ages 8 +
Published by Roaring Brook Press on June 7, 2011

Bad Kitty had it really good until Puppy came along. It took quite a while for Bad Kitty to get used to having Puppy around. Everything was almost back to normal when A BABY SHOWS UP!!! Bad Kitty isn’t sure what this new thing is! She thinks maybe it’s a kind of dog. Bad Kitty’s cat friends come over and she thinks that they will certainly help get rid of this new dog but her friends think the baby is a cat and enter the baby in the Pussycat Olympics! Will the baby be a better cat than Bad Kitty? Will Bad Kitty succeed in trying to get rid of the baby? WILL the baby EVER get her bath?  Read the book to find out!

 The Bad Kitty chapter books aren’t complicated stories but there is always a nice message in each. Mr. Bruel’s latest Bad Kitty chapter book that puts Bad Kitty versus a new baby has a really great message about adoption and family at the end. The book is an easy read and the characters are great. I enjoyed reading it a lot. I like how the owners of Bad Kitty add narration throughout the book even thought you never really see them. I think it is an excellent book for kids 8+ and even younger advanced readers. The book would be great for kids who have trouble reading through an entire book because, in this book, the illustrations help tell the story and this may keep some kids interest. I went back a couple of times through the book to look at the illustrations again and again because they add so much to the story.  

I give Bad Kitty Meets The Baby five out of five book worms!

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  1. Oh Emma will be so envious! She just LOVES Nick Bruel! Glad to hear these latest are as good as the first three–adding them to the Christmas list now! 🙂

  2. Without a doubt, you have written two of the most thoughtful reviews of my work I have yet to read. Thank you, Erik.

  3. I love Bad Kitty!!! Great post!!

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