Books + Origami + Tom Angleberger = ONE AWESOME EVENING!

I just got back from a book signing at Children’s Book World, a really cool independent book store in Haverford PA (visit their site by clicking HERE) with TOM ANGLEBERGER author of The Strange Case of Origami Yoda (read my review HERE) and Darth Paper Strikes Back (read my review HERE)!

There were a lot of kids and adults in on the fun! Mr. Angleberger got all of us to join in the event. First Mr. Angleberger talked a little bit about Dwight (the creator of Origami Yoda) and asked us what we thought about Dwight and he also asked us what we thought Origami Yoda really is, just a paper wad or a mystical being?!? Mr. Angleberger told us he wrote the book with Dwight being the main character because Dwight reminds him of himself in school, kind of the “weird” kid. Mr. Angleberger then started to draw Dwight and Origami Yoda out on a big tablet and he drew Dwight and Origami Yoda with the characteristics that we all told him we thought they had. It was fun to hear what all the other kids thought about Dwight and Origami Yoda, Mr. Angleberger then had us all make our own Origami Yoda and he used a giant piece of paper (and help from a girl in the audience) to show us how to do it. He also showed us how to make a generic origami figure and talked about how to customize it to make it into anything you wanted! I made Jedi Kit Fisto and I gave it to Mr. Angleberger! Even the adults got into the origami action!

Check out Rachel’s (staff member at Children’s Book World) CRAZY origami Skills! She’s making her “Batman Face” to go with her origami Batman 🙂

After all the origami fun, Mr. Angleberger signed all of our books. He said even if you weren’t buying a book to come and talk to him because he likes meeting people (I told you before kid’s book authors are the coolest people on EARTH!). When I got up to Mr. Angleberger I told him how “The Strange Case of Origami Yoda” was pretty much the reason why I started my blog (you can read about it HERE). He said “Well it’s a good thing you liked the book!” HA HA!! He then said he’d be happy to answer the questions I had for him. So here’s what I learned –

  • Mr. Angleberger said he always liked origami (AND Star Wars). He remembers making his first origami at around 4 years old. He made an origami cup.
  • He worked as a reporter before he started writing children’s books.
  • When I asked Mr. Angleberger if it was hard to get permission to use Star Wars characters in his books, he said “Not at all. The people at Lucas Arts are very nice and agree to just about everything  I want to do.” That was good to hear because I like Star Wars a lot and it’s nice to hear that the Lucas Arts people are nice.
  • I also asked Mr. Angleberger if there was an origami that he really wants to make but it’s too hard to do. He told me that he’s been trying to perfect an origami storm trooper and he just can’t get it right. He wants it to have a back so you can put his helmet on, but he just can’t get it the way he wants. Something tells me that he’ll get it sooner or later!

I picked up Mr. Anglebergers’ other book that just came out this year – “Horton Halfpott: Or, The Fiendish Mystery of Smugwick Manor; or, The Loosening of M’Lady Luggertuck’s Corset” (published May 2011 by Amulet books). It looks like a great story! Make sure to check back for my review of it!

I also asked Mr. Angleberger what his next book “Fake Mustache” is about (I read about it on his website). He said it’s about a kid who finds a fake mustache and puts it on only it looks so good in it everybody thinks he’s an adult. So what does the kids do? Run for president of course! Only the bad thing is that he’s totally evil! Sounds totally hysterical! Fake mustache comes out in April of 2012, I’ll be waiting!!

One more exciting thing ORIGAMI YODA 3 COMES OUT IN AUGUST 2012 but Mr. Angleberger couldn’t give us any other information…hmm, I need a mind control ray

I have to say I had a really great evening once again at Children’s Book World! Isn’t it cool how book stores can get authors like Tom Anglebereger to go there? 🙂 I SHOULD SAY IT WAS TOTALLY STOOKY!!

To learn more about Mr. Angleberger and his books, please visit his site, which by the was totally rocks (you have to check out all the origami going on there!). You can go to his site by clicking HERE.

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  1. It looks like you had an awesome time! I’ve seen many kids reading that series, but haven’t read one yet myself.

  2. What’s mr. Anglebergers email I read the second book so cool:-)

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