Keep those Bad Kitty Ideas Coming in for the Contest! You Could Win Cool Prizes!

I am getting some AWESOME entries for the Bad Kitty Story Idea contest! I even had an ENTIRE first grade class from a local school enter! Keep those ideas coming for your chance at winning FABULOUS prizes! Click on Bad Kitty to Learn how to enter!

I also wanted to share with you some of the great entries that have been sent to me. I picked out a few at random –

This one is from Nick (age 9). I like the Bad Kitty Detective idea!

This next one is from Danielle, a first grade student. The picture of the family with the “OH NO” faces around Bad Kitty on the Bed is awesome!

This one is from Emma (age 8). Bad Kitty runs away and find some not so nice cats! I wouldn’t want run run into Cyclops and Razor Tooth! I like how Cyclops is a girl (yeesh)!

Bad Kitty is fed-UP! She’s had one too many baths, the vacuum is getting on her last nerve, and Puppy gives lousy birthday presents, so she packs up her “kit” bag and heads out into the “wild” determined to be rid of all the annoyances of domesticated life.

There’s just one problem…She runs into some kitties even “badder” than she is. Instead of chocolate cake, she’s offered a dead mouse and some scraps from the dumpster, instead of a cozy soft bed to sleep in, she has to fight (and lose) over a cardboard box in the back of an alley. And if she thought the Twin Kitties and Chatty Kitty were annoying, that’s only because she hadn’t yet met Razor Tooth and Cyclops!

Let’s just say Bad Kitty quickly discovers “there’s no place like home,” even if the first thing she gets after racing back the next morning smelling like she slept in the dumpster, because she did, is a BATH! (We close with a picture of Bad Kitty smiling in the tub, for REAL this time).

This next one is from, Aidan,  another first grader.  I really like this creative idea (Bad Kitty Messed up my math…hee hee)!

I’ll post more randomly picked entries soon! I hope you like reading them as much as I  do!

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  1. LOL! These look great, Erik. Thanks.

  2. Hi Erik, I’ve been wanting to tell you for a while that I love your blog! As an adult writing and illustrating for children, it’s really great to hear a kid’s perspective. And as someone immersed in the picture book world, I’ve enjoyed learning more about books for older kids through your blog. But now, as I’m struggling to meet the ‘one new idea a day’ for Picture Book Idea Month ( I especially wanted to say, what a great idea you’ve come up with having kids submit ideas for Bad Kitty. I read your post earlier about your mom convincing you to sit down and come up with an idea yourself. Ideas are hard for most of us, they take time, and patience and practice. And the more we come up with, the better chance we’ll have of coming up with that magical one that communicates to others. I’m so happy to see you not only reading and sharing that with others, but also writing and inspiring others to do the same. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks for all the nice compliments! I am really glad authors (like you) are talking to me! I think it’s helping me become a better writer for my blog and other things (essays, school work, etc. [there’s a long list]). 🙂 I’ve been trying to do PiBoIdMo, too or at least learn what I can from everybody there! It’s actually pretty hard for me to come up with ideas, sometimes. I like talking to people, listening to noises and seeing nature and my natural surroundings to get ideas about writing. I like to hear what others think, that’s one of the reasons I did the writing contest. Thanks again!

  3. Wow! These are great!I hope you show more 🙂

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