I review the book “Pie” and then I make some!

By Sarah Weeks
192 pages – Ages 8+
Published on October 1, 2011 by Scholastic Press

Alice’s Aunt Polly Portman was famous for making pies. Well, they weren’t just ANY pies. They were prize-winning totally awesome pies! Her secret pie crust recipe was the envy of everyone around! Polly just didn’t make award-winning pies, she also gave the pies away, for free, at her pie shop. When Polly passed away, everyone in the town of Ipswitch was heart-broken for two reasons: they’ll miss Polly AND they’ll miss her pies! Alice was very upset when her aunt, who she loved, died. She used to spend lots of time with Polly at her shop. Alice finds out that Aunt Polly left her award-winning pie crust recipe to Polly’s grouchy pet cat “Lardo” and she left Lardo in the care of Alice. The whole town goes crazy! Everyone realizes they FINALLY have a chance at winning some pie awards now that they don’t have Polly to go up against. Even Alice’s own mother seemed to have been jealous of Polly! Everyone wanted to get their hands on Polly’s secret pie crust recipe. Someone even broke into Polly’s store looking for it. When Lardo turns up missing, Alice is afraid someone cat-napped him!

This was a really great story. The characters were kind of wacky but I liked that. The story had some very funny parts and I REALLY liked the name of the cat – Lardo (hee hee).  I liked the mystery part of the plot of the story (WHO took Lardo and WHY does Lardo have the secret pie recipe?), but the story was about more than that. It is also about how the whole town had to deal with Polly’s death, not just Alice. Alice was a good character and I was really hoping that everything worked out for her. I really liked how at the beginning of each chapter there is a pie recipe – that was a fun “bonus” to the book. So of course I had to try to make a pie (with the help of my mom and little sister! I chose to make the chocolate cream pie at the beginning of chapter 7!

The pie was SUPER good (but it was a little runny, I think I put too much milk in it – OH well!)

To learn more about Ms. Weeks and her books please visit her site by clicking HERE.

I give Pie (and the pie I made) four out of five book worms!

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  1. Great review, Erik. Thanks. LOL on your story about the pie! I liked the photos. Thanks again.

  2. That pie looks delicious! We are all big pie fans in this household, and I am on a lifelong quest to find the perfect pie crust. I may just have to get this book to find it! 🙂

  3. I’ve seen this book a lot lately and was wondering about it. You helped me make up my mind. I want to read it. Good luck on the pecan pie (yum!).

  4. I’m going to have to see if my library has Pie, it sounds like a good story. And your pie looks yummy!

  5. I have not met a pie I did not like. Great review and great pie.[yum!]

  6. Erik,

    your dad sounds like mine LOL. I can’t wait to try some of the pies in this book, I’ll let you know how they turn out.

  7. I wish they had a crust recipe in the book for 2 reasons: 1, I’m hopelessly addicted to pie DOUGH, not the actual cooked result, and 2, you can make little flat shapes out of pie dough and place atop cupcakes

  8. What an excellent review. I love the way you described the characters as a little whacky. So true! I think it is awesome that you made the chocolate cream pie. YUM!

  9. Hello! I have read the book but I don’t know if the 350 degrees for the Apple Pie in the beginning of the book is in Celsius or Fahrenheit, I was hoping to make the pie, except this one was a bit puzzling, I don’t want to over-bake it or under-bake it. Could you help? Thanks!

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